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Statement on Signing the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Bill

February 07, 1992

Today I am pleased to sign into law H.R. 4095 to extend and increase the benefits available under the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program. These benefits are financed in a manner consistent with the discipline of the budget agreement and long-term economic growth.

The 13 additional weeks of unemployment benefits provided by this legislation means real help to unemployed workers and their families during these tough times. It means getting checks into the hands of men and women to help pay the mortgage or the grocery bill, make the car payment or meet the daily expense of raising a family -- at the same time they're seeking new employment.

As Americans who watched my State of the Union Address last week might remember, I called for swift enactment of this legislation. The bill I am signing today demonstrates clearly that when the Congress wants to act expeditiously it can. When the Congress and the Administration work in common cause, we can accomplish great things.

The greatest challenge we have before us now is getting the economy moving again. I have offered an immediate action plan to the Congress. The best thing the Congress can do for the American people is pass this action plan -- and pass it by March 20, the deadline I announced in the State of the Union.

Yes, it's a political year. But we are in a window of opportunity right now -- we can put partisanship aside -- we've got 42 more days. The American people deserve action now, and it's time for the Congress to enact the plan we have put forward.

George Bush

The White House,

February 7, 1992.

Note: H.R. 4095, approved February 7, was assigned Public Law No. 102 - 244.

George Bush, Statement on Signing the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Bill Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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