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Statement on Signing a Bill To Restore Fish and Wildlife in the Trinity River Basin in California

October 24, 1984

I have signed today H.R. 1438, a bill that authorizes efforts to restore fish and wildlife in the Trinity River Basin in California. H.R. 1438 demonstrates that environmental programs can also be fiscally responsible.

The Trinity is a major river in northern California that has seen its fishery resources decline. H.R. 1438 is designed to restore the fishery in the river—which will benefit sportsmen, the Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe, and others interested in environmental quality. A fishery restoration program for the river has been an objective for over 10 years, and enactment of this bill is a major environmental achievement. Indeed, I first proposed a similar effort during my tenure as Governor of California, so I am especially pleased to see that early effort finally bear fruit.

The plan also demonstrates our continued commitment to fiscal responsibility. Where the prior administration unsuccessfully promoted a program of 100-percent Federal financing, H.R. 1438 incorporates a cost sharing arrangement under which local beneficiaries put up 50 percent, the Federal Government contributes 35 percent, and the State of California contributes 15 percent of the costs. Consequently, the bill ensures an improved environment at less cost to the Nation's taxpayers.

The legislation has enjoyed overwhelming support both in the House and the Senate. I would like to congratulate those responsible for this accord. I believe H.R. 1438 demonstrates this administration's commitment to the protection and enhancement of our natural resources in a fiscally responsible manner. In this way we are all winners.

Note: As enacted, H.R. 1438 is Public Law 98-541, approved October 24.

Ronald Reagan, Statement on Signing a Bill To Restore Fish and Wildlife in the Trinity River Basin in California Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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