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Statement on Signing a Bill Extending Authorization of Four Federal Health Assistance Programs.

November 02, 1970

I HAVE signed H.R. 17570, which extends the authorizations of four major programs of Federal assistance for the planning, organization, and delivery of health services. These programs are:

(1) Regional Medical Programs

(2) Comprehensive Health Planning and Public Health Services (the Partnership for

Health program)

(3) Health Services Research and Development

(4) National Health Surveys and Studies

Now that I have signed this bill, I herewith advise the Congress that--in the interest of fiscal responsibility--I will limit the appropriation requests under its authorization to the amounts that are later determined to be necessary for carrying out its purposes.

The bill, which continues for 3 years authorizations for various necessary medical programs, authorizes spending far in excess of any realistic estimate of the funds which will be available. Such authorizations can only raise false hopes; or, if the sums authorized were actually appropriated, lead us down the road of fiscal irresponsibility. The Congress and the country should know that I will not follow the latter path, but I will use all available efforts to ensure that appropriations follow needs.

It is disappointing that the Congress, while continuing the authority to carry out these health programs, still insists on perpetuating separate categories in the Regional Medical Programs, and fails to adopt the other administration proposed reforms in our national health care delivery system.

Only when these reforms are approved and instituted will we be able to organize our resources for a more effective delivery of health services.

Note: The statement was released at San Clemente, Calif.

As enacted, H.R. 17570 is Public Law 91-515 (84 Stat. 1297), approved October 30, 1970.

Richard Nixon, Statement on Signing a Bill Extending Authorization of Four Federal Health Assistance Programs. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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