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Statement of Senator John F. Kennedy

July 21, 1960

I will open my 1960 campaign for the presidency in Hawaii and Alaska.

These two States represent the continuing prospects for growth and vitality in America They are, in a sense, symbols of the New Frontier. The spirit of adventure which drove men to Alaska and Hawaii must be awakened again in the American people if we are to maintain our position as a leader in the free world.

The admittance of Hawaii to the Union represents more than our 50th State. It represents the outstanding example in the world today of peoples of many races and national origins living and working together in peace and harmony. Hawaii as well represents a bridge to Asia.

Alaska represents the great opportunity of America - our vast and untapped natural resources - our opportunity for growth - our chance to dam our rivers and irrigate our lands. Alaska represents a pioneer spirit which we all need to recapture in these difficult times.

The progress and growth of Alaska and Hawaii which eventually led to their admission were not accomplished without great sacrifice. Neither can our dream of a New Frontier for America.

Senator Johnson and I will wage a vigorous campaign aimed at returning control of the executive branch of the Government to our party in November. The formal campaign will be kicked off around September 1 and I will visit as many States as time will allow. I plan to visit every section of our country.

John F. Kennedy, Statement of Senator John F. Kennedy Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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