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Statement by Senator Bob Dole on U.S. Military Action in Iraq

September 03, 1996

Today, Bob Dole released the following statement from Salt Lake City, Utah on U. S. military action against Iraq:

"In response to Saddam Hussein's violent incursion into the North of Iraq, American air power has been committed. I want the American people to know that I stand four-square behind our men and women in uniform I have every confidence in their professionalism and commitment to fulfill their duties. They should know that the thoughts and prayers of every American -- for their safety and successful completion of their mission -- are with them.

"I trust that this development marks the beginning of decisive action by the United States to curtail the power of Saddam Hussein, and the end of his defiance of the international community and of his atrocities against the Kurdish minority in Iraq. American and its allies and friends around the world can no longer tolerate Saddam's repeated attempts to erode the restraints that have been placed on his regime and to violently reassert his authority.

"The goal of American action should be the withdrawal of Saddam's troops from Northern Iraq; the release of Kurdish prisoners; a halt to interference by both Iraq and Iran among the Kurds; the re- establishment of the U.N. weapons inspection effort; and an end to Saddam's support of international terrorism.

"The actions taken will be read by dictators and would-be aggressors around the globe, hence we must be resolute."

Robert Dole, Statement by Senator Bob Dole on U.S. Military Action in Iraq Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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