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Statement by Rudy Giuliani on Prime Minister Tony Blair

June 26, 2007

Mayor Rudy Giuliani released the following statement on Prime Minister Tony Blair:

"Like all Americans, I was deeply moved by Prime Minister Tony Blair's strong support for America after 9/11. The people of New York and of America will forever remember how articulately and passionately Mr. Blair stood by America's side. I was fortunate to meet with him outside of St. Thomas Church at a memorial service for UK citizens who died on 9/11. It was clear then that the Prime Minister saw very real similarities between the war we are currently fighting and World War II.

"I had occasion to visit with him several times in London and I could see then that while his approach may have been separated by generations and ideology, history will see Mr. Blair as a modern-day Churchill. Because they led through strength and fought for what is right, millions have been liberated, and the world is on a path to safety and prosperity.

"I am hopeful that the next prime minister will maintain the same level of friendship and cooperation with America, and the same level of resolute, principled engagement with the world."

Rudy Giuliani, Statement by Rudy Giuliani on Prime Minister Tony Blair Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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