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Statement by Nikki Haley: Utah Has a Chance to Help Save America

March 02, 2024

If there's one thing Utahns can agree on, it's that America needs a new direction.

Everywhere you look, we're heading deeper into chaos. Too many students don't know how to read or do basic math. Too many families can't afford groceries, much less a first home. Our southern border is utterly lawless. We have murders in our cities, fentanyl on our streets and children being killed by stray bullets. There's war in Europe and the Middle East. It threatens to spread further — and draw America in.

In this time of crisis, there's another thing we can agree on: America can't afford a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

They're incapable of solving the problems we face, and we all know why. They're dividing the country instead of uniting us. One calls his fellow Americans vermin. The other calls his fellow Americans fascists. They're stoking fights instead of inspiring Americans to unite in the fight for a better future.

If we hope to reach that future, we must move beyond the failed candidates and ideas of the past. Biden has turned the country upside down and brought the world to the brink of war. His weakness has cost the lives of American soldiers — first in Afghanistan and now in Syria. Meanwhile, Trump is insulting our military heroes and veterans and has invited Russia to invade our allies. We need a president who restores the strength that leads to peace, not one who encourages war.

For that matter, we need a president who unleashes the strongest economy on Earth. Biden is crippling our economy with corporate welfare and out-of-control spending, while Trump added more national debt in four years than any president ever. Now he wants a 10% tax hike on every American. Families don't need even higher taxes and prices. We need real relief, and we need it now.

A stunning 70% of Americans don't want neither Trump nor Biden to be president. We know what they'll do. But we also realize who they are. Most Americans know that Trump and Biden are too old. They stumble over words and forget world leaders. That's not who you want in the Oval Office when Russia launches a nuclear weapon at our satellites or China shuts down our electricity grid.

The presidency is the most demanding job in human history. You don't give it to someone who's at risk of dementia. You give it to someone who's disciplined — who can work day and night for eight years straight. You give it to someone who's fighting for America, not themselves.

I'm running for president to save America. Both Trump and Biden want me to drop out, but I will stay the course until Utah voters have the chance to make their choice in the primary election on March 5th. I ask that you put your trust in me.

I will keep up the fight until Americans speak. I've always been a fighter, as governor of South Carolina and as America's Ambassador to the United Nations. And I'm married to a fighter who reminds me every day about the urgent need to defend America.

My husband, Michael, is a major in the South Carolina Army National Guard. He's currently deployed in the Horn of Africa. It's the same region where Iran's terrorist proxies are launching missiles at American troops. He and his brothers-and-sisters-in-arms are serving and sacrificing for the sake of our country.

We honor them by choosing a new direction for America. Utah can make that choice on March 5. And I will keep fighting to restore an America that's strong, proud and united in purpose.

Nikki Haley, Statement by Nikki Haley: Utah Has a Chance to Help Save America Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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