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Statement by Michael Bennet on Steve Bullock and DNC Debate Rules

December 02, 2019

Bennet on Bullock: Beating Trump Runs Through Battle-Tested Candidates from Swing States, Yet DNC Ignoring That Reality

MUSCATINE, IA — Michael Bennet released the following statement today:

"Governor Steve Bullock ran on a platform to unite our country, get money out of our politics, and demand better for working families — causes we will continue to fight for in this election.

"The fight to win back voters who abandoned our party for Donald Trump isn't hopeless. It runs through battle-tested candidates from swing states, who know how to meet Americans where they are — not where the loudest voices on social media think they ought to be. It's unfortunate that the DNC couldn't make room for a perspective like that.

"The good news is, I have a lot more faith in Democratic voters than I do in the people making up the debate rules at the DNC. The nomination won't be won with Facebook ads or pithy tweets. It will be won by the person with the experience to defeat Donald Trump and an agenda best aligned with the priorities of the American people. That's what I'm offering, and that's how I'll win.

"As the only candidate in this race to have won two national elections in a swing state, I'll do everything to ensure Democrats focus on progress for American families, not empty promises, so we win up and down the ballot next November."

Michael Bennet, Statement by Michael Bennet on Steve Bullock and DNC Debate Rules Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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