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Statement By John McCain On The Situation In Zimbabwe

April 01, 2008


Senator John McCain today issued the following statement on the current situation in Zimbabwe:

"Our ideals must animate our foreign policy and that includes support for democratic forces in closed societies. The opposition in Zimbabwe has endured repression, hardship, beatings and imprisonment. At this time we cannot turn our back on the brave men and women who have struggled peacefully for their freedom. The situation in Zimbabwe has reached a decisive moment. After the years in which the repressive regime of President Robert Mugabe has made a mockery of law while turning what was once southern Africa's breadbasket into a literal economic basket case, the people of Zimbabwe nonetheless bravely went to the polls. The delay in publishing the results of the election raise serious doubts about what is happening. It is now time for the international community, especially Zimbabwe's immediate neighbors, to stand up and be heard in support of Zimbabwe's people, demanding that their votes be respected. This is not only the principled course of action, it is also the only one that will assure everyone's best interests by not allowing the situation to deteriorate further. The United States has and will continue to support the democracy and rule of law that alone can secure Africa's future development, and should be prepared to provide assistance to support a transition to democracy in Zimbabwe."

John McCain, Statement By John McCain On The Situation In Zimbabwe Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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