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Statement by Jay Inslee on the Second Night of Democratic Presidential Debates

June 27, 2019

Miami, FL – Following the second night of Democratic presidential debates, Governor Jay Inslee released the following statement:

"My top priority is clear: climate change. Defeating the climate crisis requires a full, national mobilization and a president who will make it job number one. I will make it the first, foremost, and paramount duty of my administration – not just year one, but every year.

"Unfortunately, tonight we had another debate that de-prioritized the existential crisis of our time, sidelining it as a single issue among many, rather than an umbrella issue that touches everything we care about.

"Fifteen minutes in four hours of debate is not enough time for candidates to put forward the bold plans needed to defeat climate change. Last night, climate voters had to wait 82 minutes for a question to be asked; tonight it was 78 minutes. That is not acceptable.

"We do need to return to the Paris Agreement and undo Donald Trump's damage, but we need so much more than that. Simply resetting the clock back to 2016 will not match the scientific imperative we face. This existential crisis demands that we get beyond basic talking points, and into substantive details of climate plans.

"We need a full debate on this issue. I urge all of my fellow candidates to join the grassroots call for a climate debate. It's clearer now than ever that the status quo is not working. Voters deserve more."

Jay Inslee, Statement by Jay Inslee on the Second Night of Democratic Presidential Debates Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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