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Statement on Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims

August 19, 2021

This morning we learned that the number of Americans filing initial unemployment insurance claims fell to the lowest level since the pandemic began. This reflects the important progress we are making in our economic recovery. When I took office in January, an average of more than 830,000 Americans were filing initial unemployment insurance claims. That number has fallen by more than half to below 378,000.

Our economy has created more than 4 million jobs since I took office, more jobs created at this point than any previous administration. Our economy is also growing at the fastest rate in the first half of a year in nearly 40 years. This morning's news reinforces the historic nature of our economic recovery, due in part to the American Rescue Plan that got relief to those who needed it most, resources to our communities to fight COVID, and vaccinations in the arms of the American people.

While our economic recovery is far from complete—and while we will have ups and downs along the way as we continue to battle the Delta surge of COVID—the Biden plan to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out is working and delivering real results for American workers.

Joseph R. Biden, Statement on Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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