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Statement by Governor Richardson on Commitment to Nevada

August 15, 2007

Richardson Nevada Team Announces New Staff Members

LAS VEGAS -- Governor Richardson today issued the following statement:

"Senator Reid is right, the road to the White House runs through Nevada. Though other campaigns may waver, I remain committed to campaigning in Nevada," said Governor Richardson. "I hired the first staff, opened the first office, and made the first visit to Elko of any Democratic Presidential candidate because I know that Nevada matters. My growing staff in Nevada is there to reach out to voters one by one, and I will continue to visit the state more than any other candidate. To ignore Nevada is to ignore its diversity, its strength, and the tremendous value of the West to our party and to our country."

The Richardson for President campaign also announced today the hiring of seven new staff members in Nevada. Local Nevadans Maria Mendoza, Josh Krakow, Sarah Ridge, and DJ Premvaree join the campaign as field organizers. Nikita Pierce and Mara Brosy join as Volunteer Coordinators in Las Vegas and Reno, respectively. Meanwhile, Sean Kennedy from Indiana joins the campaign as an organizer with duties including press, scheduling and advance in Northern Nevada.

"Our growing team in Nevada represents the great momentum we're building in the West," said Governor Richardson. "We've brought in strong talent from around the country, while hiring the vast majority of our staff from within the state. These Nevadans have hands-on experience with the issues facing Nevada and close ties to their communities. They are uniquely positioned to help our campaign succeed, and I look forward to working with them on my next trip to Nevada on August 22 and 23."

Bill Richardson, Statement by Governor Richardson on Commitment to Nevada Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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