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Statement by Governor Pataki on the Iran Nuclear Deal

July 14, 2015

New York, New York - The Iran deal announced today is a colossal catastrophic capstone to the failed Obama - Clinton foreign policy. Rewarding the world's leading sponsor of state terror with billions in funds and the currency of legitimacy is as dumbfounding as it is dangerous.

The accord makes the region and the world less safe and poses an unacceptable threat to our allies and friends especially Israel.

"Trust but verify" has been a hallmark of America's nuclear non-proliferation policy since President Reagan. National Security advisor Susan Rice actually promised that an agreement with Iran would go beyond and "distrust but verify." This agreement with Iran fails to meet either standard and in the end will only deepen the distrust of America with our allies.

For example, the accord provides that if International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors find something suspicious at a military they must bring its concerns back to a joint commission for review. That commission, which is required to seek an explanation from Iran, has in total twenty-four days to render an opinion whether an actual inspection is warranted. The Obama administration's straight-faced assertion that twenty-four days is not enough time to cover up a violation is about as logical as their claim that an obscure video ignited the riots in Benghazi.

Finally, while separated by oceans and a continent we know terror knows no borders. With this deal Israel is less safe but so too is America. It should be painfully obvious that a government that endorses the credo "Death to America" is a danger to our safety security.

America must never forget the lessons of September 11th and as the Governor of New York during those dark days I pledged to do whatever was in my power to keep us safe from further attacks. I'm saddened and shocked that in endorsing this deal Senator Clinton has so clearly forgotten the lesson of those days. We know that whether it's ISIS or Iran, America can never give quarter or condone any state that supports radical Islamic terror.

Congress should act immediately, reject this deal and send a message to President Obama, Secretary Clinton the UN and leaders throughout the globe that America does not reward terror.

George Pataki, Statement by Governor Pataki on the Iran Nuclear Deal Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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