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Statement by Governor Mitt Romney: Says "HillaryCare 2.0" Is "The Wrong Direction" For America

September 17, 2007


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Boston, MA – Today, outside St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City, New York, Governor Mitt Romney delivered a statement on "HillaryCare 2.0":

"Good morning. Well, if you've seen the reports this morning on the latest version of HillaryCare, you'll see that version 2.0 is not likely to have any more success than 1.0. HillaryCare continues to be bad medicine. Hillary Clinton fundamentally believes in Washington. She doesn't believe in the American people. ...

"Our objectives in health care are to bring down the costs of health insurance for everyone and to get all of our citizens inside the system - to get them all insured. What her plan does is it relies on government. In her plan, we have government insurance instead of private insurance. In her plan, it's crafted by Washington; it should be crafted by the states. In her plan, we have government Washington managed health care. Instead, we should rely on the private markets to guide health care. And in her plan, you see increased taxes. The burden should not be raised on the American people.

"Fundamentally, I think she takes her inspiration from European bureaucracies, and instead we should take our inspiration from the American people. Hers is a plan which I think underscores the fact that she fundamentally does not believe in markets and in the states. And I believe that our inspiration should come from American families.

"So it's government in Washington as opposed to states. It's government plans as opposed to private plans. It's raising taxes as opposed to holding taxes level. And that's not the right course for solving our health care problems."


"It's based upon the reports that we've seen this morning that have been put out as to the nature of her plan. It calls for additional spending. It's a plan crafted by Washington, centered in Washington - not by states. It's government insurance, not private insurance. It's frankly the wrong direction. It's a European-style socialized medicine plan - that's where it leads - and that's the wrong direction for America."

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Mitt Romney, Statement by Governor Mitt Romney: Says "HillaryCare 2.0" Is "The Wrong Direction" For America Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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