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Statement Following Splashdown of Apollo 15.

August 07, 1971

APOLLO 15 has returned safely to earth.

It brings with it new proof of man's invincible will to master the moment of his own destiny. It brings new tribute to man's unquenchable thirst for understanding. It brings the seeds of scientific understanding which may open a new chapter in the history of our planet.

We salute Astronauts Scott, Irwin, and Worden, who have stood poised on behalf of mankind on the brink of man's new world. To each we say well done, and welcome home.

Note: The statement was released at Bangor, Maine.

On the same day, the President telephoned Col. David R. Scott, Lt. Col. James B. Irwin, and Maj. Alfred M. Worden aboard the U.S.S. Okinawa in the Pacific to express his personal congratulations on the successful completion of their mission.

Richard Nixon, Statement Following Splashdown of Apollo 15. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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