Portrait of Doug Burgum

Statement by Doug Burgum on the Republican Debate

November 08, 2023

Governor and business leader Doug Burgum issued the below statement following tonight's GOP debate:

"Over two hours filled with petty attacks and in-fighting, voters learned why none of the career politicians on stage will be President and why political insiders have no business trying to artificially shrink the Republican field two months before the actual voting starts in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In business, we never would've gotten anything done if all we did was yell and name-call. We built a billion-dollar company from scratch by building great teams, serving customers, and providing a product that people wanted. In fact, I have created more jobs than everyone on the stage combined. I spent 30 years in software. Technology is changing every industry, business, and job in America. Software is the greatest invention to expand human capability in the history of mankind… and we haven't even begun to touch the revolution it can lead in reducing the size of the federal government.

That's what I'm doing as Governor. We're reinventing government to serve its customers—the taxpayers. As a result, our state's economy is on fire. We passed the largest tax cut in history, cut spending by 27 percent and slashed red tape. Innovation over regulation is the path to unleashing America's strength and power.

We had team members in 132 countries. I've dealt with China in business. We can't win this war against Iran, crush Mob Boss Putin or win the Cold War with China with Biden's failed energy policies which hurt Americans and help foreign dictators. We're fighting with one hand tied behind our back. When I am your president we will sell energy to our allies, instead of buying it from our enemies.

If we're going to unlock the best of America and achieve our fullest potential, it's going to take a business leader and political outsider to get the job done. That's why I'm running for President. Pundits, political insiders and party bosses don't pick Presidents; voters do."

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