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Statement on California Water Resources and the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

August 13, 1929

AT THE press conference, Tuesday, August 13, 1929, the President said:

"I have recently engaged in some collaboration with the Governor of California in respect to two questions involving the Federal Government and State government of California. The first relates to the determination of policies for the long view development of California water resources, and the second to the erection of a bridge across San Francisco Bay.

"Some years ago I advocated the coordination of the multitude of activities, governmental and otherwise, engaged in direct and indirect control and development of California water supply and the provision of some definite policies instead of the haphazard and often conflicting action of different agencies. Governor [Clement C.] Young has forwarded this idea by enactment of certain State legislation which now enables us to bring about a larger measure of such coordination. The first step is the creation of a commission to supervise an exhaustive investigation of the engineering facts and to determine the policies which should be pursued in the long view development of the State, as to irrigation, flood control, navigation, and power.

"In order that all of the commission should embrace all agencies I have requested the War Department which controls the navigation channels and flood control, the Power Commission which controls water power permits, and the Interior Department which is interested in irrigation, [p.253] each to designate a member of the commission which the Governor is now appointing. The Governor's representatives will embrace the State agencies and leading citizens.

"The State of California has passed a liberal appropriation representing the interest of the State and the Federal agencies will support the investigation with the staff and its accumulated information.

"The second question that I have discussed with the Governor is the disputed question of a bridge across San Francisco Bay. There can be no question as to the necessity for such a bridge for the economic development of these communities. In addition to the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and Alameda the Governor of California through recent legislation has recently taken an interest in this problem. In order that we may have an exhaustive investigation with a view to final determination which I hope will be acceptable to all parties, I have consulted the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy as well as Mr. Meek, the representative of Governor Young, and I shall appoint a commission comprising two representatives from the Navy, two from the Army, and I shall ask the authorities of San Francisco to appoint one member, the authorities of the east side of the bay to appoint another member. I shall ask the Governor to appoint one or two members and I shall appoint a leading citizen, Mr. Mark Requa if he will undertake it, in the hope that we may arrive at a determination of the common interest."

Note: Burt C. Meek was director of California State public works.

Herbert Hoover, Statement on California Water Resources and the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/210963

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