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Statement of Administration Policy: H.R. 4868 - Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986

June 12, 1986


(House Rules)
(Rep. Grey (D) Pennsylvania and 106 others)

The Administration strongly opposes enactment of H.R. 4868 because the measures it calls for would impede rather than advance the goal of promoting further change in South Africa.

The President's Executive orders of last September and October have sent strong signals of this country's opposition to apartheid and have been strictly and promptly implemented. In addition, an advisory committee on South Africa is now engaged in preparing recommendations on how the people and government of this country can best use our influence to promote further change in South Africa. It is extremely important that the advisory committee's report, due not later than January 1987, not be preempted by a congressional move toward additional measures at this volatile time.

If the measures called for in H.R. 4868 are enacted they would harm the South African economy and U.S. economic and financial interests without hastening the end of apartheid and could heighten intransigence on both sides at a time when we should be strengthening voices of dialogue and modernization.

If H.R. 4868 is enacted, the President's advisors will recommend its disapproval.

Ronald Reagan, Statement of Administration Policy: H.R. 4868 - Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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