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Statement About the Status of Women Within the Administration

April 28, 1972

ONE year ago this month, I asked an intensification of this Administration's efforts to make better use of the talents of women in Federal Government service.

Now, one year later, I am gratified by the results. We are making real progress, not only in striking down barriers to women serving and advancing in the Government, but in affirmatively reaching out to encourage and recruit them to do so.

This Administration has appointed and promoted more women to full-time, policy-making positions in the Federal Government than ever before. The number of women we have placed in policy-making positions paying $28,000 and up has nearly tripled since April 1--from 36 to 105. More than half of these hold positions previously held only by men.

We reached another milestone with the employment and/or advancement of more than 1,000 women in middle-management positions during the past year. This is particularly noteworthy because it occurred during a time when budget policy required a 5-percent reduction in the Federal work force.

We have made an impressive start, but now we must do even better in giving women the equal opportunity they have so long deserved.

I ask the private sector and State and local governments to follow our lead by taking a close look at employment practices which may be discriminatory, and by doing all that can be done to guarantee women equal opportunity for employment and advancement as well as equal pay for equal work.

In this era of great challenges and potentials, the Nation--in the private sector as well as in government at all levels-needs the capabilities and brainpower of every single American. The full and equal participation of women is crucial to the strength of our country.

Note: On the same day, the White House released a fact sheet and the transcript of a news briefing on the status of women in the Administration. Participants in the news briefing were Jayne B. Spain, Vice Chairman, United States Civil Service Commission, and Barbara H. Franklin, Staff Assistant to the President for Executive Manpower.

Richard Nixon, Statement About the Status of Women Within the Administration Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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