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Statement About Signing a Bill Creating the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

March 24, 1972

I HAVE signed S. 1977, which creates a 32,000-acre Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area within the Siuslaw National Forest in Oregon.

The Oregon Dunes are one of the largest areas of active coastal dunes in the world. Sand from the natural erosion of extensive sandstone formations in the coast range to the east is carried by rivers and streams to the sea, where coastal currents distribute it along about 40 miles of beach. Prevailing westerly winds blow the sand inland where it is formed into shifting dunes as high as 300 feet through the interaction of wind, precipitation, and vegetation.

The Dunes are as beautiful as they are unique--a mix of desolate whiteness with sparkling blue lakes and bright green foliage.

Now this beauty may be preserved for all Americans for years to come. Since they are located just a few hours drive from the major population centers of the Northwest, the Dunes will truly be a preserve of the people.

This legislation adds another page to the long story of wise use and conservation of the Oregon Dunes as it provides a careful blending of Federal, State, and private responsibilities for the public benefit. The Agriculture Department's Forest Service and the State of Oregon will work closely to manage the areas they control in a way that will benefit the greatest number. Private individuals may continue to own portions of the area so long as they, too, promote the purposes of conservation. The creative and coordinated land use made possible by this legislation will provide a good foundation for the coordinated and careful use of key environmental areas envisioned by the proposed national land use policy act.

Note: As enacted, S. 1977, approved March 23, 1972, is Public Law 92-260 (86 Stat. 99).

Richard Nixon, Statement About Signing a Bill Creating the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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