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Scott Campaign Press Release - WSJ: Why Barack Obama Attacks Tim Scott

June 20, 2023

"A Black conservative President would rebut the former President's racial and political narrative."

Why Barack Obama Attacks Tim Scott
The Wall Street Journal
The Editorial Board
June 19, 2023

As America's first black President, Barack Obama entered office with a promise of improving race relations and reducing political discord. Eight years later, rancor was worse as Mr. Obama's Administration exploited race as a political weapon on voting rules, criminal justice, and preferences for jobs and much more. This explains why the former President is now attacking South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott.

Ms. Haley and Mr. Scott both rebutted the former President's patronizing comments. "There's no higher compliment than to be attacked by President Obama," Mr. Scott said. "Whenever the Democrats feel threatened, they pull out—drag out—the former President, have him make some negative comments about someone running, hoping that their numbers go down."

Mr. Scott is right, and it's worth asking why. You'd think Mr. Obama of all people would be pleased to see minority candidates with serious credentials compete as Republicans for the White House. If both parties compete for the votes of minorities, that could make race less of a polarizing force in American life.

Mr. Scott in particular is a threat because, as he often notes, his life story symbolizes the country's racial evolution. He has never sugar-coated America's racist history, noting how he has experienced it in his own life. But he doesn't use that as an excuse to deny progress.

His ideas to reduce poverty are also far better than Mr. Obama's default to government dependency and failing public schools. Mr. Scott wants to free minorities from union schools and escape poverty by giving them more economic opportunity. Those ideas are a dagger pointed at the heart of the progressive project that sustains a permanent underclass dependent on Democratic welfare programs. That is the real reason Mr. Obama is attacking Mr. Scott and Ms. Haley.

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