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Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott's Day in South Carolina!

September 01, 2023

Hey, this is Phillip, Tim Scott's South Carolina State Director.

Tim Scott was back in his home state of South Carolina for a jam-packed day meeting with over 3,200 conservative supporters and sharing his plan to empower parents in America.

He drew in MASSIVE CROWDS across the state, from Charleston to Lexington to Greenville! He finished his day in Anderson for Jeff Duncan's 12th Annual Faith and Freedom BBQ.

At every event, it was clear: Americans are sick and tired of watching nasty political fights. They're looking for a leader focused on fixing the issues that affect them daily rather than someone more interested in having a food fight with their opponents.

Tim Scott is THAT guy. Check out what The Post and Courier said about him:

"But what if Scott is onto something here? A lot of folks are sick of the nastiness in politics — and in the world — today. If that sentiment catches on, by this time next year, Scott could be sitting pretty."

His politeness is surprising to many and not something we're accustomed to anymore, but we need less political performances and more action. More than that, we need a leader who will revive personal responsibility and pride in ourselves.

Tim learned that from his mother, and it's something that strikes a chord with Americans everywhere.

"Scott is leaning heavily into his inspirational, up-from-poverty biography, as he should. And when he brought out his mom — "My mother taught me if you're able-bodied, then you work. You take out a loan, you repay it. You commit a violent crime, you go to jail …" — she got a standing ovation."

You can feel the momentum growing for Tim Scott, but don't just take my word for it…take a look

Tim joins more than 200 supporters in Charleston

Tim addresses hundreds of supporters and homeschool leaders in Lexington and Greenville

 Thousands hear from Tim at Jeff Duncan's Annual BBQ

Fox News: 'Bold agenda': 2024 GOP rising star promises to crack down on schools turning kids into their 'guinea pigs'

WCBD: "Scott laid out his vision for "restoring hope and creating opportunities" in front of a packed crowd of supporters at Trinity Hall."

WACH Fox 57: "South Carolina's own Tim Scott making his pitch to voters saying he wants to give power back to the people, more specifically, parents."

"Tim Scott's a man of strength, and his strength doesn't come from having a loud mouth. It comes from his integrity and his character in ways demonstrated already that he can do in office" said one Lexington voter.

WCIV: "Senator Scott took every opportunity he could to stop, meet, and speak with almost everyone he encountered when he entered the room... taking in the 'family culture' that was very much on display."

The Lexington Chronicle: "Compared to other town halls that Republican candidates have hosted in the county, Scott's took on more of a family feel."

Fox Carolina: "Senator Scott talked about the importance of education, not just in South Carolina, but across the entire country."

It was a wildly successful day in the Palmetto State, and we can't wait to do it again soon! Until then, keep up with Tim Scott's campaign by following his South Carolina for Tim Scott page on Facebook!

Until next time,


South Carolina State Director

Tim Scott, Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott's Day in South Carolina! Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/364743

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