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Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott Visits The U.S. Southern Border, Hosts Roundtable

August 05, 2023

"Crushing the Mexican drug cartels is absolutely essential." – Tim Scott

CHARLESTON, SC – Tim Scott toured the southern border near Yuma, Arizona where he met with ranchers and law enforcement. Tim then visited a medical center to host a roundtable with those impacted by the Biden border crisis, the fentanyl epidemic, and human trafficking. During the roundtable, he heard from medical providers, law enforcement, ranchers, and community leaders.

Tim's plan to combat the border crisis includes finishing the border wall, deploying military-grade technology at our border and ports of entry to stop illegal drugs and human trafficking, and designating cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. Read Tim's op-ed in The New York Post on his plan to secure the border and end the fentanyl crisis.

Watch Tim's roundtable in Yuma, AZ here.

Watch Tim Scott's FOX News interview from the border here.

Tim Scott speaking at the Yuma roundtable: "I was at the border in 2019, and the thing that has changed the most is Joe Biden coming into office has allowed for more than 6 million folks to cross our border illegally... And equally important is the 70,000 Americans who have lost their lives to fentanyl... The importance of building the wall – finishing the wall, using the available technology to surveil our border to stop the flow of fentanyl across our border.

"Really important: crushing the Mexican drug cartels is absolutely essential. As President of the United States, I would sign the legislation I created that would freeze the assets of the Mexican cartels. We have the power to do that...

"And find a way to bring more border patrol agents to our border by eliminating the 87,000 IRS agents that were part of the Inflation Reduction Act. I am hopeful to use those resources to provide more security on our border."

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Tim Scott, Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott Visits The U.S. Southern Border, Hosts Roundtable Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/364067

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