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Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott Rolls Out Empower Parents Plan

August 28, 2023

Tim will travel across South Carolina today to unveil the plan before heading to Iowa on Wednesday and Thursday. 

CHARLESTON, SC -  Today, Tim Scott rolled out his plan to empower parents. The plan outlines key policy points to defend America's children, empower parents, and protect kids online.

Tim is in his home state of South Carolina today meeting with parents, homeschool advocates, and voters. He will host events across South Carolina in Charleston, Lexington, Greenville, and end his evening speaking at Jeff Duncan's Annual BBQ. Later in the week, Tim will continue to share his Empower Parents Plan in Iowa where he will host multiple events across the Hawkeye State on Wednesday and Thursday.

"Teachers' unions, Big Tech, and Joe Biden are on a mission to make parents less important," said Tim Scott. "I have a bold agenda to support and empower parents — from the classroom to the locker room to the smartphone. We must empower parents and give them a choice, so that every child has a chance."

Tim Scott's Plan To Empower Parents: 

Family First Culture: Defend Our Children

  • Restore American childhood and let girls and boys be girls and boys, not guinea pigs.
  • Save Title IX and women's sports — if God made you a man, you play sports against other men.
  • Stand with crisis pregnancy centers and stop the DOJ from turning a blind eye to far-left threats and vandalism.

Education: Empowered Parents

  • Defend every parent's right to know what their child is hearing and reading in school.
  • Empower every family the right to opt out of propaganda that attacks their values and religious liberty.
  • Break the back of the teachers' unions and enact nationwide school choice.
  • Create choice in education, so parents can decide whether it's public school, private school, charter school, STEM school, or homeschool that is best for their child.
  • End the attacks on excellence by rejecting the false notions of "equity" and the Left's attacks on honors classes.
  • Replace indoctrination with education. ABC, not C.R.T.

Stop Big Tech: Protect Children Online

  • Stop Big Tech from stealing kids' attention spans, China from stealing their privacy, and predators from stealing their future.
  • Require country-of-origin labeling on every app, so parents are fully informed.
  • Make Big Tech do more to keep kids safe online.

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