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Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott: It's Time For Us To Tell The Whole Story About The Devastating Impact Of The Left's Agenda

October 05, 2023

"We must embrace our founding documents because they set people free."
– Tim Scott

DALLAS COUNTY, IA – Last night, Tim Scott joined The Mark Levin Show from the campaign trail in Iowa. They discussed the importance of championing our nation's founding principles to uplift American families.


Mark Levin: Welcome back America. I'm gonna tell you why I like Tim Scott. This man is a gentleman. Even when he's in the midst of a firefighter debate, he's still a gentleman. He says things that other people won't say. He has integrity. You know that he means what he says. He's a man who understands history. He and his family have lived history. He is a conservative. He is a Republican. He believes in liberty. And I have to be honest with you folks, he comes under attack because he doesn't fit the left wing stereotype. And yet he's the happy warrior. He keeps moving along and he keeps talking to the electorate throughout the country and during these debates. And whenever he speaks, I pay attention to it.

Sen Scott: Well, Mark, I gotta tell you, I'm a fan of Frederick Douglas too and Abraham Lincoln. And what those two men understood, it was to celebrate our Founding Fathers. Not because they were perfect, they were flawed, but it was the Constitution that was the anchor to absolute truth. And absolute truth is how we set people free. You see, Frederick Douglas understood that our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence gave inalienable rights. The Declaration says, well, our rights don't come from each other. They come from a Creator. And amongst those rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We must embrace our founding documents because they set people free. And the radical Left, they're willing to lock poor kids into failing schools by having the teachers unions standing at the doorway of the schoolhouse trapping them in, and the DAs in these liberal elite cities unlocking the jailhouse and letting people out. It is just disgusting.

Mark Levin: It is disgusting. And you mentioned in the last debate something that almost nobody else would. And yet it's the truth. There've been scholars who've written about it, even Patrick Moynihan wrote about it many years ago, the Democrat who became a Democrat senator from New York, which is that these social programs destroy the family, the poor, particularly the Black family. They destroy the nuclear family and they destroy the whole work ethic. And you so far have been the only one who's even mentioned that. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Sen Scott: Well, Mark, if you think about it. Listen, slavery was a great evil upon our nation. I make no excuses. I pull no punches. Slavery was evil. No good came out of slavery. But I must concede, and we should all take a close look, that the Black family coming out of slavery, we survived poll taxes and literacy tests, and even discrimination woven into the laws of our country. But the Great Society introduced by LBJ devastated poor and particularly Black families by making the exchange, forcing the man out of the house so checks would come in the mail. The result of that has been devastation that you measure in these big blue cities in crime and in unemployment, in uneducated people. And hope deferred makes the heart sick.

It is time for us to tell the whole story, Mark, that in the 1960s, 70 plus percent of Black kids grew up with two parents in the household. In the 2020s, 70% of Black kids are growing up in a single parent household. And that is foreshadowing for the rest of the country. Now, 40% of white kids in working class families are growing up in a single parent household. If you wanna know if socialism works, take a look at the devastation around our nation. And I must stand up and shout from the rooftops if I can't reach the mountain tops, because I was that poor kid growing up in a single parent household, mired in poverty. But thank God Almighty, I was given the greatest citizenship on Earth in America. You can rise beyond your circumstances. You can chart a new course. That's rare on Earth.

Tim Scott, Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott: It's Time For Us To Tell The Whole Story About The Devastating Impact Of The Left's Agenda Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/367678

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