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Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott On FOX News: "The Big Guy Has Some Explaining To Do"

June 20, 2023

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC –  This evening, Tim Scott joined FOX News' Sean Hannity for a Town Hall in his home state of South Carolina. During the Town Hall Tim responded to the Hunter Biden news.

Tim Scott
FOX News
June 20, 2023

Sean Hannity: I gotta get your reaction to the news of the day. You know, sad to say, I don't believe right now in America that we have equal justice under the law or equal application of our laws. We know that they've had this case for, plus years. Yes, we know about that 1023 form. I'd like to know what investigation they've done. We know about all this money Hunter Biden, with no experience, made. We know Joe Biden brags about leveraging a billion dollars to keep his son and the money with Burisma Holdings, nothing happened to him. I worry we don't have an equal Justice Center.

Tim Scott: It's dangerous. Let me just say we all know this, that the big guy has some explaining to do without any question, Sean. We cannot be the city on the hill if we are not first a nation of law and justice. We can't be the city on the hill, we cannot fulfill our destination, our destiny as America, if we do not have the Lady of Justice wearing a blindfold. We all have to be treated equally under the eyes and the walls of our country.

And when the Biden's get away with that, we need to thank God for Senator Grassley and Congressman Comer for doing their job. If they can't finish their investigation, President Tim Scott will finish it, with your help. We're gonna fire Joe Biden and then we're gonna fire Merrick Garland and fire Christopher Ray and we're gonna restore confidence and integrity in our Department of Justice.

We can't have them going after the pro-life activist with a SWAT team. You can't call parents who show up at a school board meeting domestic terrorists, you cannot. It is unacceptable and un-American to weaponize the Department of Justice against your political opponents. It's just wrong.

Tim Scott, Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott On FOX News: "The Big Guy Has Some Explaining To Do" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/364065

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