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Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott: A Ceasefire Is Nothing More Than An Opportunity For Hamas To Reload

November 02, 2023

DECORAH, IA  Tonight, Tim Scott joined The Mark Levin Show from the campaign trail in Iowa to blast the Biden Administration's proposal for a 'pause' in the midst of Hamas' atrocities against the Israeli people. Tim stood firm that America must stand with Israel in their objective of wiping evil off the face of the Earth.



Mark Levin: There's a lot of information that Biden and Blinken and that administration is putting enormous pressure almost to the point of threats on Netanyahu and his government to have what they call the humanitarian pause...

Tim Scott: It's unbelievable. In the day, he's all about supporting Israel. And in the evening time when the night starts and you can't see what he is doing, he supports a ceasefire. Let me just define a ceasefire for all of us to get on the same page. A ceasefire, Mark, is nothing more than an opportunity for Hamas to reload. If they were concerned about the Palestinians living in Hamas, they would tell them to leave. Do they say that, Mark? Of course not. Why? Because they want human shields. As a matter of fact, they said in their own way that they are a nation of martyrs. Martyrs are willing to die for the cause. What is their cause? Genocide. Would you give a group of people willing to die for the cause of Jewish genocide time to reload? No.

Tim Scott: The most humane thing to do, is to allow Israel to achieve their objective as quickly as possible, as effectively as possible. And by doing so, you'll save as many lives as possible. Any delay only creates more human suffering on both sides of the border. But most importantly, the only responsible response to an attempt at Jewish genocide, the only responsible response to terrorism, is to wipe the evil off the map. And if you listen to the words of Hamas themselves, they say they will repeat October 7th over and over and over and over until they achieve their objective of the elimination of the Jewish state. And then they must turn their sights to America because there's 6 million Jews here. So let us not forget that their objective isn't simply the elimination of Israel, it's the elimination of Jews. That means they must come to America. And if we don't stand with Israel now, who will stand with us later?

Tim Scott, Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott: A Ceasefire Is Nothing More Than An Opportunity For Hamas To Reload Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/367671

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