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Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott: Biden Is Complicit In This War Against Israel

October 09, 2023

CHARLESTON, SC – Today, Tim Scott joined CNN's The Situation Room to discuss the Biden Administration's complicity in the evil attacks on Israel committed by Iran-backed Hamas terrorists.


Wolf Blitzer: What's your reaction to these awful images, these heartbreaking stories coming out of Israel as this war against Hamas terrorists moves into now its fourth day?

Tim Scott: Well, Wolf, it is just devastating to see the images and watch the videos. You see the one video of the young lady having her throat cut and then you see her head dragging along the way on the road. That kind of devastation, that kind of — evil is the only word for it — that kind of evil should have a swift, clear, complete reaction to it. And we should be supporting Israel. Making sure there's no daylight between America and Israel is absolutely essential. And it's time for the President to come back and speak to the nation. It's been two days nearly without hearing from the President. And I'll say without question, I find him to be complicit in this actual war against Israel.

I think we should be without question totally and completely united behind Israel. Period. We should look back at the breadcrumbs that lead back to the hostage negotiation that freed $6 billion. And what did Tehran say about the $6 billion? We will use it in any way we like. What did Hamas say to Iran? They said, "thank you." What if we discovered that the negotiation and the planning of this attack was Iran working with Hamas? That is clear cookie crumbs, breadcrumbs, evidence. From my perspective, that doesn't suggest, it reinforces the fact that Iran is behind these attacks. Allowing $6 billion, increasing the price on an American life and creating a market for hostage taking. It's just devastating Wolf.

Tim Scott, Scott Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott: Biden Is Complicit In This War Against Israel Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/367673

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