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Scott Campaign Press Release - The First Six Weeks...

July 12, 2023

JULY 12, 2023



Tim Scott, the only candidate to show movement and momentum since announcing, enters the summer armed with $21 million cash-on-hand. As he prepares to take the debate stage, it is clear he not only is the best messenger and most consistent conservative in the race, but also has the resources to win.


Our campaign begins this next stage of the race with over $21 million cash-on-hand after raising $6.1 million in Q2. We can also proudly confirm Tim will be on the debate stage for months to come thanks to over 145,000 donations from over 53,000 unique donors across all 50 states.

No presidential candidate in American history has ever started from such a grassroots-powered position of strength. Tim's unique voice and ability to lead on today's most pressing issues, in a way that only he can, is why last cycle we had over 750,000 donations online.

He is taking his message directly to voters – whether on the set of The View, at a town hall in rural Iowa, or at a parade in New Hampshire. Tim knows his message connects with those starving for a positive, optimistic campaign. This is one of the reasons why nearly 150 South Carolina leaders endorsed him last month, and the campaign boasts a 70-person strong finance committee in his home state.

When voters see everyone from President Obama to President Biden, and even the ladies of The View attack Tim Scott, they know it isn't an accident. Tim Scott is the candidate the radical Left fears most.

  • NBC News: "Few Americans know Sen. Tim Scott, but some Democrats see him as a tough general election opponent"
  • The Wall Street Journal: "Editorial: Why Barack Obama Attacks Tim Scott"


On Day One of our campaign, we were fully-funded through South Carolina. But this impressive grassroots-powered effort allows us to execute our plan and run this campaign on our terms.

We enter the third quarter with over $21 million COH. That's more resources ready to spend at a moment's notice than almost any other campaign in the race. Combine that with our $6 million ad buy currently running in Iowa and New Hampshire and you see a candidate with steady momentum who is ready to build on the success of the last 6 weeks.

What makes the $6.1 million raised in Q2 even more impressive is that the vast majority of it was raised in the 6 weeks since Tim announced and is solely for use in the primary. At the end of the day, candidates can post any number they want. But the name of the game is how much actual cash you have on hand that's available for use in the Republican primary.

As the campaign continues to take shape, you'll continue to see Tim Scott on the airwaves – whether on the news or in ads. But most importantly, you'll continue to see him travel across the early states, just like he's done for the last several months, introducing himself to voters, hearing what's on their minds, and earning every last vote.

  • Inside Elections: "A little over a month into his presidential campaign, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott has managed to do something no other hopeful has yet accomplished: show some momentum."
  • The Wall Street Journal: "Could Tim Scott Pull An Upset?"


  • Steady, upward momentum in the early states
  • End Q2 with over $21 million cash on hand
  • Raised $6.1 million – the vast majority coming in the 6 weeks since Tim announced and is solely for primary campaign use
  • 145,000 donations from over 53,000 unique donors across all 50 states thanks to our grassroots-powered efforts
  • Tim Scott is the candidate the radical Left fears most
  • The most consistent conservative candidate in the race
  • The only candidate willing or able to go where other candidates won't

Ignore the bluster. Don't fall for the cheap tricks.

There is one candidate who has shown steady, upward momentum from the moment he entered this race and who has the resources and strategy to execute in the months ahead. He is the strongest messenger in the field with the most consistent conservative record to match.

His name is Tim Scott.

We'll see y'all in Milwaukee.

Tim Scott, Scott Campaign Press Release - The First Six Weeks... Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/364110

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