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Scott Campaign Press Release - Scott Campaign Rolls Out Veterans For Tim Scott

October 25, 2023

GREENVILLE, SC – Today, the Scott campaign introduced a Veterans For Tim Scott coalition of over 100 veterans, consisting of some of South Carolina's most incredible heroes. This afternoon, Tim Scott will tour the Rupert Huse Veteran Center where he will meet with local veterans and stand with some of these brave men and women.

"Looking out for our veterans is personal to me. As leadership on the world stage is needed now more than ever, we need a Commander-in-Chief who will restore American strength, improve the lives of our veterans, and safeguard our precious freedoms. The president cannot standby today as our men and women in uniform are being attacked abroad, our allies are at war, and our veterans need our assistance more than ever." – Tim Scott

"Tim Scott will stand up to the wokeness invading our nation's military high command right now. That's why 100 SC veterans are announcing their support for his campaign for President today." – Jerry Rovner, (RET) Navy Captain, Georgetown, SC

"Senator Scott's strong conservative values and common-sense approach to the many issues we face — from national security to restoring the family, reforming education, and getting our economy back on track — make him the right choice for President. His calm, competent, and compassionate leadership is just what our country needs right now." – Christopher Bourne, (RET) USMC, Greenville, SC

For full list see below and HERE.

Veterans For Tim Scott Coalition: 
Jeremy Able, SC Army National Guard
Luther Arnette, U.S. Navy
John Bacot, U.S. Army
Liston Barfield, U.S. Army
Ken Battle, U.S. Air Force
Ernest Baylock, Jr., U.S. Army
Chris Beilder, U.S. Air Force
Sean Bennett, SC Army National Guard
Brian Berg, U.S. Marine Corps.
Harry Bishop, U.S. Air Force
Bill Blakeley, U.S. Navy
Paul Bolen, U.S. Air Force
Christopher Bourne, U.S. Marine Corps.
Marvin Bradshaw, U.S. Marine Corps.
Abbott "Tre" Bray, SC Army National Guard
George Michael Breland, U.S. Navy
Jeffrey Brown, U.S. Army
Deborah Brown, U.S. Air Force
Henry Brown, SC Army National Guard
Robert Brown, SC Army National Guard
Vince Brown, U.S. Army
Gayla Carle, U.S. Army
Bob Castellani, U.S. Air Force
Robert Cathcart, Sr., U.S. Navy
Larry Church, U.S. Navy
Matthew Conlin, U.S. Army
Brandon Cox, U.S. Air Force
Hannah Cox, U.S. Navy
Rebecca Crickton, U.S. Navy
Linda Cunningham, U.S. Army
Dwayne Cunningham, U.S. Navy
Sonya Dana, U.S. Air Force
Jim Davis, U.S. Army
Jim Dickinson, U.S. Navy Reserve
Bill Dukes, U.S. Air Force
Andrew Edwards, U.S. Army
Richard Fields, U.S. Army
Bradford Fipps, U.S. Army
Jim Flatley, U.S. Navy
Pamela Gaddis, U.S. Navy Reserve
Larry Gamble, U.S. Air Force
Robert Garrett, U.S. Army
Richard Geraghty, U.S. Navy
John Glenn, U.S. Air Force Reserve
Al Guest, U.S. Air Force
Charles Hall, U.S. Navy
Tammy Harvey, U.S. Air Force
James Herzog, U.S. Navy
Harriett Holman, U.S. Army
Herman Holman, U.S. Army
Reginald Hughes, U.S. Army
Joseph James, U.S. Air Force
Anthony Jenkins, U.S. Marine Corps.
Terry Jenkins, U.S. Marine Corps.
Bryce Johnson, U.S. Air Force
Jeff Johnson, SC Army National Guard
Michael Jones, U.S. Marine Corps.
Arthur Jordan, U.S. Army
Butch Kitchen, SC Army National Guard
Lowell Koppert, U.S. Army
David Lambert, U.S. Navy
Jim Lanford, U.S. Army
John Macioce, U.S. Navy
Bryan Marley, U.S. Army
Edward McConnell, U.S. Air Force
Robert McCray, U.S. Navy
Donald McLeod, U.S. Army
Dan McQueeny, U.S. Air Force
Terry Merritt, U.S. Air Force
Bill Oden, U.S. Air Force
John Osborne, SC Army National Guard
Craig Ostergard, U.S. Army
Kevin Overbeck, U.S. Marine Corps.
Kay Patterson, U.S. Air Force
Gary Pigg, U.S. Army
Roger Pirie, U.S. Marine Corps.
Jeroid Ravenel, U.S. Army
Charles "Buddy" Reeves, U.S. Marine Corps.
Carl Ritchie, U.S. Air Force
Robert Roach, U.S. Marine Corps.
John Ropp, U.S. Air Force Reserve
Michael Rose, U.S. Air Force
Jerry Rovner, U.S. Navy Reserve
Mark Scanlan, U.S. Air Force
David Schachte, U.S. Navy
Dave Shimp, U.S. Navy
Charles Smith, U.S. Navy
Larry Sossamon, U.S. Army
Larry Sparks, U.S. Navy
Charles Tapp, U.S. Army
Joe Terry, U.S. Air Force
Ivan Vargas, SC Army National Guard
Carlton Walker, U.S. Navy
Jerry Wall, U.S. Army Reserve
Rodney Ward, U.S. Army
Anthony Watts, U.S. Marine Corps.
Harry Way, U.S. Marine Corps.
Carl Wedler, U.S. Army
Michael White, U.S. Army
Richard Wiedenhoeft, U.S. Navy
Larry Willey, U.S. Navy
Doug Wood, U.S. Army

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