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Scott Campaign Press Release - FULL VIDEO: Tim Scott's Speech On Race And Power In Chicago

October 23, 2023

CHICAGO, IL – Today, Senator Tim Scott delivered a speech on race and power at New Beginnings Church in Chicago. Tim addressed the radical Left's weaponization of race and class to divide Americans, and how that has led to the decline of communities like Woodlawn.

During the speech, Tim also discussed the failed legacy of "Great Society" policies, and the need to restore a message of personal responsibility and empowerment.



"It's an honor to be in a place where you know that a visionary gives you an opportunity to experience whatever the Lord has planned for you. That's what the Lord offers each of us. He offers each of us a new beginning. Take off the old self and put on the new. Put on the new with a walk with Jesus. It's also what Chicago and big cities across our nation desperately need. We need new beginnings."

"My grandfather was born in 1921 in the deep South... This man had every single excuse to give up hope. But he led. He held on to faith. He believed that faith in God, faith in himself, and faith in what America could one day be, could be the key to changing things around."

"I ran for Congress in Charleston, South Carolina... And I ran against Senator Thurmond's son... in the place where the Civil War started. And they said, you don't have a single chance. Well, I hear that these days. Sometimes they say, "you have no chance, so just sit down." But I won that race... So you can't tell me things haven't changed. You can't tell me America has not made progress. You can't tell me that lie because I've lived it."

"The progressive philosophy has a monopoly right now. But it's not working. The streets aren't safe. The schools aren't good.  And for too many kids who look like us, the future is not as bright as it could be. It's not as bright as it should be, and it's not as bright as it needs to be... I'm running for president because I believe that a new vision with a new mission can make a difference."

"The Great Society, also known as the modern day welfare system and the creeping of socialism into the community, devastated our community... Our country has made, however, tremendous strides since slavery on the issue of race. But lawlessness and fatherlessness and joblessness have gotten worse in the last sixty years and not better. You see in the 1960s when I was born, 70% of our kids lived with two parents in the household. Today, 70% of our kids do not."

"The far Left has spent decades getting soft on crime, defending failing schools, undermining traditional values, and weakening capitalism. And you can measure that devastation... you measure it in crime, in unemployment, but most importantly in despair. Proverbs 13:12 says that hope deferred makes the heart sick."

"Progressives would rather lower the bar for people of color than raise the bar on their own leadership. They say they want low income Americans and people of color to rise, but their actions take us in the opposite direction. The actions say they want us to sit down, shut up, and don't forget to vote as long as we're voting blue. Instead of solutions, we are offered distractions and division."

"I'm a conservative because I believe that the Great Opportunity Party must stand up and have a conversation with people who look like us. We ought to have an alternative. I believe we have the economic solutions that create jobs, opportunity, and investments. I believe that education policy should give every family a choice, every parent a voice, and every child a chance. I believe that the biblical values that reinforce the importance of life and human dignity is how we stop the staggering levels of abortion of kids throughout this country, especially African American babies."

"Are we tough enough to get better instead of bitter? Are we tough enough to show what it means to be a victor and not a victim? Whatever our color, whatever our story, every one of us has a duty to our own choices. Praise the living God, the master of our faith. We are the captain of our ship. You can't have freedom without personal responsibility."

"It's a simple formula. Finish high school, get a job, then get married, then have kids, and you reduce the likelihood of living in poverty by 97%... That's where the real power is. If you listen to God's word, use a little common sense and do what your grandmama and my grandmama have taught us to do, you reduce the chance of living in poverty by 97%."

Tim Scott, Scott Campaign Press Release - FULL VIDEO: Tim Scott's Speech On Race And Power In Chicago Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/367643

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