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Sanders Campaign Press Release - Sanders Campaign Announces First Co-Chairs

February 21, 2019

Our Revolution President Nina Turner, U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, Ben Cohen to co-chair Bernie 2020

BURLINGTON, Vt. -- U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign announced Thursday that Our Revolution President and former Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner, U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), San Juan Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and Ben & Jerry's co-founder and campaign finance reform advocate Ben Cohen will serve as the campaign's first national co-chairs.

In a statement Sanders said, "To win this election and build a movement to defeat Donald Trump, we must bring together a team prepared to fight for economic, social, racial and environmental justice -- and that's exactly what Nina, Ro, Carmen and Ben have been doing their entire lives. Together, along with a million-person grassroots movement, we will confront the powerful special interests that dominate the economic and political life of our country and enact an agenda that represents all the people, not just powerful special interests."

The Bernie 2020 co-chairs will serve as central advisors to the campaign and help lead the effort to build a massive grassroots movement to enact transformative politics from coast to coast.

"Sen. Sanders is more than a beloved U.S. Senator and two-time presidential candidate. He is a man of courage and conviction. He had the conviction to advocate for policies that were once seen as impossible and the courage to do so even when he had to stand alone. He is continually pushing for progress and upsetting the status quo in a way that will bring tangible benefits to people of color, as well as poor and working-class families from all walks of life. He is unbowed and undeterred. It is no secret that I support the Senator, and he and I are aligned politically. I am joining his team as a co-chair to make a tangible impact on behalf of African Americans, women and others who feel left behind politically and economically. Over the course of the next year and a half, our opponents will try to change our name (by calling him a Socialist) and reduce the senator's accomplishments to make them seem inconsequential. Despite the attacks, we are going to focus on the people and on what they have called us to do: evict and displace the current occupant of the White House," Turner said.

"Every 50 years, there is someone who can fundamentally alter the course of American politics. Bernie Sanders has the chance to reorient our economic policy towards workers and communities left behind instead of corporate interests and to reorient our foreign policy to prioritize peace, diplomacy and restraint instead of war," Khanna said.

"Bold, committed and consistent, that is how I would describe Bernie Sanders. Bernie is calling for a fundamental transformation as a path towards equity and social justice. He clearly understands that if things are going to change, structural changes have to be made in health, education, pay equity, Social Security and a host of other areas that will ultimately ensure a chance to thrive. In our darkest hour, he was there for us not because it was politically convenient but because it was the right thing to do. When it comes to Puerto Rico, I am confident that Bernie will help us usher a new path towards the resolution of many of the issues facing Puerto Rico including, but not limited to, a new relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States ensuring that with every step we forge a path to guarantee that all voices are heard and the will of the people of Puerto Rico sets forth the agenda. I am honored to co-chair a campaign so deeply rooted in the grassroots movement because Bernie and I understand that real power is rooted in communities, neighborhoods and people. Join the revolution and let's change the world together," Cruz said.

"As a fellow Vermonter, and someone who has known Bernie for 25 years, I am delighted to be a co-chair of his campaign for president. Bernie understands that we have got to reform the corrupt campaign finance system that we have, which enables billionaires to buy elections. He knows that we have to end voter suppression and gerrymandering as we move to establish a vibrant democracy. This will be a historic grassroots campaign, and I am proud to be part of it," Cohen said.

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