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Sanders Campaign Press Release - Progressive Leaders Across Iowa Endorse Bernie Sanders

June 06, 2019

DES MOINES – Bernie 2020 today announced endorsements from progressive leaders across Iowa ahead of Senator Bernie Sanders' upcoming visit this week.

"This incredible group of endorsers are some of the most well-known progressive voices that Iowa has to offer," said Misty Rebik, Bernie 2020 Iowa State Director. "Together with our 25,000-strong volunteer base in the state, these progressive Iowans will help us build on our grassroots movement and win on caucus night."

The first slate of Bernie 2020 Iowa endorsements includes:

Jonathan Green, Mayor of Lone Tree

Jonathan Green is the Mayor of Lone Tree, a rural community in Johnson County. Green has served on the Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee.

"Senator Sanders has been leading on the issues of our time since before I was born. Often a lonely voice, he has nevertheless worked tirelessly and consistently to hone his proposals. Bernie Sanders has helped all of us to see half-measures are insufficient in the face of the injustices and inequalities we face today."

Beverly Hannon, State Senator (ret.)

Beverly Hannon is a former Iowa State Senator and an Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame inductee. In the Senate, Hannon chaired the Human Resources committee and served on the Education, Natural Resources, Small Business/Economic Development, and Human Rights committees.

"One of the many reasons I support Bernie Sanders is that he is and has been steadfast on the issues he champions. I am impressed that he declines big contributions from industry or special interest groups, which many presidential candidates accept, and instead depends primarily on ordinary people to contribute. Bernie is not afraid to stand in a protest line for better wages for workers; he adopts causes which other candidates ignore. I consider Bernie to really be a man of the people."

Kate Larson, Dubuque City Councilmember

Kate Larson was elected to the Dubuque City Council in 2017. She serves the city's 3rd Ward, which includes some of the community's most racially and economically diverse areas. Prior to serving on council, Larson was a member of the city's Parks and Recreation Commission for four years. In 2016, she was elected as a national delegate for Senator Sanders and attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

"Senator Sanders gained my respect and support in 2015 when I first heard him speak in Dubuque. Oppressive student loan debt, climate change, equal pay for women and criminal justice reform were just a few of the many issues that resonated with me. While in Iowa last month, he also addressed the affordable housing crisis, which greatly impacts our community and many residents in the ward I represent. Sanders' energy and leadership, along with a lifelong track record of fighting for what's right, are why I'm proud to support Bernie Sanders for President in 2020."

Patrick Morrissey, Waterloo City Councilmember

Patrick Morrissey has represented Ward 3 on the Waterloo City Council since 2014. He is a retired child abuse investigator, union activist, social and human rights activist.

"Bernie Sanders was, is and will always be the person to see people's progressive needs become reality. Bernie Sanders has said time and again that this is not about him but about people and making things right. I did, do and will endorse Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America."

Chris Morse, Polk County Democrats Membership Committee Chair

Chris Morse is a community activist who serves as the Polk County Democrats Membership Committee Chair, as well as Des Moines Neighbors Treasurer and Merle Hay Neighborhood Association President.

"Since the summer of 2015, I have been a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders. His consistent call for us to be involved in our democracy is exactly what our country needs. His leadership inspires me to do everything I can to empower others to be active in their communities and the Democratic party. When you combine his authentic passion for helping others with his drive to fix our broken systems, take on the major corporations and ensure healthcare is a human right, you find someone who can lead our party into the future."

Jason Roudabush, Poweshiek County Supervisor

A small-town business owner for over 25 years, Jason serves as a Poweshiek County Supervisor. Roudabush also serves as President of his hometown Chamber of Commerce.

"I have followed Bernie Sanders for over ten years and we have a lot in common. We believe in a path to citizenship, clean air, clean water, support for small farmers and businesses. We believe in health care for all, affordable college for all, a living wage for all, campaign finance reform and many other issues -- but it will take us all to make a difference. Bernie Sanders fights every day for all of us. That's why I'm supporting Bernie Sanders for President in 2020."

Nick Salazar, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) State Director

Nick Salazar is the newly elected State Director of LULAC. An organizer and activist, Nick also serves as the Iowa Democratic Party 2nd Congressional District Affirmative Action Chair and Muscatine Democratic Socialists of America Co-Chair:

"Bernie Sanders represents the best opportunity for America to truly transform itself into the nation that we can and should be. The United States has a long history of racist economic policies against minorities including Latinos, the largest minority population. But we can move the nation away from its racial economic inequalities of the past and present, if we support Senator Sanders and his bold policies that seek to bridge this racial wealth divide. A growing, economically secure Latino population means a growing, economically secure United States."

Emma Schmit, Iowa Democratic Party Central Committee Member

Schmit is a community organizer working on agricultural policy and an activist fighting for independent family farms, Medicare for All and criminal justice reform. Schmit serves on the Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee representing the Democrats of Iowa's rural 4th District.

"Like many young people, I was inspired to get involved when Bernie ran in 2016. As a single mother, he gave me hope for my child's future and a world not ravaged by climate change. As a college graduate with $63,000 in student loan debt, he gave me hope that I might someday live without such a financial burden looming over my future. As an employee making less than a living wage, he gave me hope for a world that values its workers. Bernie inspired me to become a Democrat and join the fight for the values and policies he has been proposing his entire career. Bernie continues to be the frontrunner on the issues that matter and I look forward to continuing to fight alongside him for what is right and just in this world."

Kelly Scott, Fairfield School Board Member

Kelly Scott is a Fairfield School Board Member and a teacher with 25 years of experience. He lives with his wife, a fellow educator with 30 years experience, and two sons.

"I have chosen to stand with Senator Sanders because of his long-standing unchanging positions on education, health care, the environment and forcing the top 1 % in America to finally pay a fair share. I stood with him in 2016 and will again because his 'radical' ideas four years ago have become common place today. His vision and leadership are exactly what we need."

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