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Sanders Campaign Press Release - Progressive Leaders Across Iowa Endorse Bernie Sanders

August 27, 2019

Endorsements from Iowans fighting for our rural communities and health care for all follow Sanders' recent visit

DES MOINES -- Bernie 2020 today announced endorsements from rural leaders and health care advocates across Iowa, building on the largest grassroots volunteer base in the state.

The latest endorsements follow Sen. Sanders' visit to Iowa week, where he held 10 events in three days and introduced at the Iowa AFL-CIO Convention his comprehensive Workplace Democracy Plan to at least double union membership in his first term as president and restore workers' rights. Sen. Sanders also announced last week the Green New Deal to confront climate change and create 20 million jobs, and the most comprehensive criminal justice reform plan.

"Our grassroots movement is built on the simple but profound idea that if we let every day Iowans lead our campaign, we can transform this state forever," said Iowa Bernie 2020 State Director Misty Rebik. "This slate of endorsers have decades of experience delivering real justice for the working people of this state and we're confident that their leadership will drive us victory."

Following a tour of factory farms in Iowa this month, Sanders received endorsements from rural, agricultural and clean water leaders and activists from across the state:

April Burch - Boone County Soil and Water Commissioner
April Burch serves on the Boone County Soil and Water District Conservation Commission where she supports landowners in their efforts to protect water quality, soil health and animal habitat for future generations.

"When Sen. Sanders talks about greater civic engagement, that means the world to me because democracy is not a spectator sport. It's going to take everyone pulling together to build a better future and Sen. Sanders teaches that every chance he gets. I'm all in with Sen. Sanders as we build a movement to make government work for everyone, not just the ruling class."

Nick Schutt - Farmer and Agriculture Justice Activist
Nick Schutt is a third-generation independent family farmer raising corn, beans, and hogs on an 80-acre farm in Hardin County. Nick is a longtime leader in his community and former candidate for Hardin County Supervisor.

"Living in rural Iowa each one of Sen. Sanders policies speak to me. He believes in the dignity of people regardless of their backgrounds. There's a lot of hopelessness in rural communities, but I know under a Sanders administration our voices and concerns will be heard."

Laura Tumec-Hickey - Rural Activist
Laura Tumec-Hickey moved to Iowa in 1999 to work with teens at a residential school. She is active in her community and an advocate for rural justice issues.

"I was pregnant with our third child when I met Sen. Sanders at a parade in 2015. He was fighting then, as he is now, for real family values such as Medicare-for-All, paid maternity leave, and affordable education, which would improve the lives of every Iowan. I support Sen. Sanders for president because he is fighting for people like us, not just the privileged and wealthy."

Ethan Vorhes - Farmer and Community Activist
Ethan and his family raise beef and pork on a non-GMO grain farm in Northern Iowa. Ethan is director and member of the Hemp Feed Coalition. He worked the last three years to transplant his farming operation to a hemp-legal state.

"I am proud to endorse Sen. Sanders for president because he is treating our climate like the emergency situation it is. Sen Sanders has made it clear that small family farms are the front lines of this fight and they are. He is one of a handful of politicians that have connected the dots and is listening to real farmers and not the behemoth agribusinesses that are destroying our planet. Because Sen. Sanders has a well-documented record of fighting the good fight and not selling out, I support him for President."

Jan Wann - Community Activist and Factory Farm Fighter
Jan Wann is a resident of North Central Iowa who has been fighting the expansion of factory farms in rural Iowa for over a decade. She is a retired editor and mathematician.

"Sen. Sanders listens to our communities and understands the need to get corporate greed off the backs of Iowans. He has a long history of fighting for the rights of those with few resources and that is why I support him for President."   

After Sen. Sanders held health care town halls across the state, Iowans who fight for health care justice endorsed the campaign:

Sue Baethke - IT Contractor and Warren County Community Activist
Sue Baethke is a progressive activist from Indianola, Iowa. She is an active member of the Warren County Democrats.

"I'm supporting Sen. Sanders because I see someone who has been fighting his entire adult life to make life better for people like me and my family. He has stood up for workers over corporations. He's been fighting to make sure healthcare is a human right, not a commodity to be bought and sold for profit. While most politicians say what's popular, Bernie has always said what he believes is morally right. He's been steadfast to his message and hasn't changed his tune to be liked. That sort of authenticity and integrity is what he will bring to the presidency."

James Bird - Climate Change and Health Care Activist
James Bird is a retired Maintenance Technician with over thirty years of experience on the job. He is a proud member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and served as a state delegate for Sen. Sanders in 2016.

"Sen. Sanders is consistent and understands our dire situation here in Iowa.  He'll work to fight back against factory farms and climate change."   

Pat Coffman - Nursing Home Program Coordinator
Pat Coffman is a healthcare advocate and activities coordinator with Northcrest Living Center. She has been working in the healthcare industry her entire life and because of this experience believes healthcare to be a human right, not a privilege.

"Many thought Sen. Sanders' plans were seen as impossible in the 2016 elections, but he persevered and now his ideas are the gold standards that others are being graded upon. I've never been a fan of half measures and band-aid policies. I want bold progressive policies and a candidate that can deliver. Sen. Sanders doesn't sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear; he tells the truth. His realism is refreshing. His plans will make life better for people like me, and millions of those left behind in this country."

Alexis Huscko - Health Care Activist
Alexis Huscko is a lifelong Iowan and Medicare for All Activist from Muscatine, Iowa.

"Sen. Sanders has my support because he wants to better the lives of every American in this country by lifting the financial burden that has been wrongfully placed on our backs. He is the only candidate that has consistently been on the side of people even in the face of controversy. I trust Bernie Sanders to stand up for me and that is exactly why he is my candidate."

Deb Marlin - Small Business Owner and Health Care Activist
Deb Marlin is a Small Business Owner and Healthcare Activist in Union County. She is the founder and president of  Nodaway Valley Free Clinic, a non-profit free health care clinic that assists the underserved in southwest Iowa.

"As a rural Iowan, I've seen a lot of economic injustices affecting Americans of every stripe. The first time I heard someone actually speaking about these injustices in a concrete way, was when Sen. Sanders gave a speech in the Senate laying out his twelve-point economic agenda for America. I saw an individual who understood the pain of my community and had a feasible plan to bring immediate relief to the average person. When he announced that he was running for President, I was immediately on board, because he gave me a voice."

Bernie Sanders, Sanders Campaign Press Release - Progressive Leaders Across Iowa Endorse Bernie Sanders Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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