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Sanders Campaign Press Release - Over 85 Iowa Union Workers Endorse Bernie Sanders

September 24, 2019

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign on Tuesday announced individual endorsements from over 85 Iowa union workers across the state during a stop on the "Bernie Beats Trump" Tour of Iowa.

"Right to work laws have been on the books in Iowa for over seventy years so it's not hyperbole to say workers rights have been under attack here for generations. With Sen. Sanders' Workplace Democracy Plan, Iowa's Chapter 20 and so-called 'right to work' law will be a thing of the past. These union workers standing with Bernie Sanders are going to help us repeal right to work in Iowa once and for all," said Bernie 2020 Iowa State Director Misty Rebik.

Last month at the Iowa AFL-CIO convention in Altoona, Sanders announced his Workplace Democracy Plan, a comprehensive platform to double union membership in his first term as president and effectively repeal Iowa's Chapter 20 law that stripped the rights of public sector workers to collectively bargain for better benefits and safer working conditions.

Sanders received individual endorsements from a half dozen members of AFSCME Chapter 61, which challenged Iowa's Chapter 20 in the State Supreme Court earlier this year. The individual endorsements of over a dozen Iowa UAW members comes the day before Sanders is set to walk the UAW GM picket line in Detroit-Hamtramck on Wednesday.

The following union members in Iowa have personally endorsed Sen. Sanders:

Kay Pence - Retired, CWA Local 7110
James Perkey - Former Executive Vice-President, CWA Local 7102
Richard Duncan - Retired, CWA Local 7102
Corey Davis - President, CWA Local 7103
Jasmin Rivas - CWA Local 7102
Chris Laursen - President, UAW Local 74
Toby Munley - Shop Committee Chairman, UAW Local 74
Jeremy Barker - Trustee, UAW Local 74
William Weinhold - UAW Local 74
Matthew Pickrell - UAW Local 74
Ronald Hall - UAW Local 74
Scott Morris - UAW Local 74
David Park - UAW Local 74
Drew Clevenger - Vice President, UAW Local 865
Casey Presnall - UAW Local 450
Thomas Joseph Lyman - Retired, UAW Local 281
Randy Davis - Retired, UAW
Judith Mulbrook - Vice-Chair Retirees Group, UAW Local 997
Stephen Louis Meier - UAW Local 94
Cinderella Joann Mayer - Retired Steward, AFSCME Council 61
Loren Bawn - AFSCME Council 61
Terry Anderson - AFSCME Council 61
Julie VanDyke - AFSCME Council 61
Phouty Keopraseuth - AFSCME Council 61
Joe Marron - Retired, AFSCME Local 12
Justin Jones - AFSCME Local 183
Nick Jankowski - Executive Board Member, IBEW Local 22
Todd Tenczer - IBEW Local 22
Douglas Lee - IBEW Local 22
Michael Bintz - IBEW Local 22
James Wayne Schulz - President, IBEW Local 231
Riley Waters - IBEW Local 13
Wade Lester - IBEW Local 347
Joe Ellerbroek - IBEW Local 347
Patrick Hamilton - IBEW Local 347
Derek Buege - Steward, IBEW Local 14
Maxwell Mendenhall - IBEW Local 204
Clark Raymond Rutledge - IBEW Local 145
Josh Ironside- IBEW Local 1362
Robert Ballantyne - South Central Iowa Federation of Labor
Frank Flanders - Political Director, UFCW Local 230
Jim Telfer - Former President, UFCW Local 230
Michael Hanna - Retired, Local UFCW 230
Margaret Rebik - Former Vice President, UFCW Local 1149
Constance Myers - SEIU Local 199
Ryan Hall - UUR International
Heather Pearson - Progressive Workers Union
Jim Ingle - Teamsters Local 238
Lauren Diane McIntyre - Teamsters Local 147
Chase Bolton - Recording Secretary, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Local 308
Jaden Ortiz - Apprentice, Iron Workers Local 111
Jason Paullin - USW Local 164L
Jay Saxon - Retired Political Director, USW Local 105
Kathy Davis - ISEA
Jim Tripp - ISEA
Jennifer Marshall - ISEA
Cathy Wohlleben - Retired, ISEA
Shannon Owens - DMEA
David Bushaw - IWW Local 650
Mika Covington - IWW National
Tom Carsner - Steward, American Federation of Teachers
Chad Reckling - Steward, UE Local 893
Jon Petery Ryk - UE Local 893
Bryan Medina - Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 25
Scott Headington - NALC Local 512
Mike Bates - President, APWU Local 44
Julie Bates - Officer, APWU Local 44
Mark Sarcone - Legislative Director, APWU Local 44
Kassandra McDermott - Steward, APWU Local 44
Brian MacLaine - APWU Local 44
Robert Lee Theulen - Retired, APWU Local 426
Mike Miller - Retired, APWU
Robert Allen - BLET
Jeff Kurtz - Retired, BLET Local 391
Carrie Duncan - IAMAW Local 1010
Robert Morrison - Retired, IAMAW Local 110
Steph Trujillo - Municipal Employees Association
Fred Trujillo - Central Iowa Public Employees Council
Barbara Ann Kelley - AFTRA Iowa Chapter
Nicholas Brian Ridler - LIUNA Local 177
Gary Davis - IUOE Local 234
Israel Moreno - BAC Local 13
Kris Dixon - NNU
Mike Kelly - District 9, National Vice President, AFGE
Steve Beck - President, AFGE Local 15
Jeremy Maske - President, AFGE Local 836

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