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Sanders Campaign Press Release - Members of New Hampshire House of Representatives Endorse Bernie Sanders for President

January 24, 2020

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Sen. Bernie Sanders today officially welcomed endorsements from three members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives — Reps. Cecilia Rich (Strafford-18), Amanda Bouldin (Hillsborough-12), and Andrew Bouldin (Hillsborough-12). The officials cited Sen. Sanders' stances on issues such as confronting the climate crisis, reforming our criminal justice system, and Medicare for All.

"Bernie Sanders has always been the people's candidate," said Shannon Jackson, Bernie 2020 New Hampshire State Director. "We are honored to have the support of elected leaders who work every day to fairly represent the people and build a better future for their communities."

In their announcement today, the representatives joined State Representatives Nancy Murphy (Hillsborough-21) and Sparky Von Plinsky (Cheshire-7), who recently announced their support for Sen. Sanders.

"I support Bernie because he speaks for all people, not just the upper echelon," said Rep. Cecilia Rich of Strafford 18, who announced her endorsement in person on Saturday at Sen. Sanders' Exeter Town Hall. "Bernie cares about people and their needs for universal healthcare, an affordable education, and a living wage to truly support their families. A longtime member of the Democratic Caucus, Bernie connects with the people like no other candidate. Cast your vote for Bernie, and know that he'll have your back in Washington."

Rep. Andrew Bouldin of Hillsborough County's 12th District said, "Bernie's leadership on issues like criminal justice reform, immigration, and peace make him the clear choice to serve as our 46th president. When Bernie is in the Oval Office, he'll end our country's corrupt cash bail system, which has only served to criminalize homelessness and poverty; he will reverse the Trump Administration's racist and brutal immigration policies; and he will steer our nation away from Trump's dangerous military escalation that could cost countless lives and trillions more dollars. The choice is absolutely clear."

"I support Sen. Sanders for president because of his stances on criminal justice reform, ending the war on drugs, voting rights, organized labor, and single-payer healthcare," said Rep. Amanda Bouldin of Hillsborough County's 12th District. "Sen. Sanders has by far the strongest and most consistent record throughout his career. It is clear that he does not choose his agenda for popularity or political gain, but to protect and defend the rights and will of the people. I am proud to stand with Sen. Bernie Sanders."

Bernie 2020 recently welcomed endorsements in the Granite State from the New Hampshire Youth Movement, nearly 50 small businesses and owners across the state, and SEA/SEIU Local 1984, New Hampshire's second largest union.

Previous endorsements of Sen. Sanders from members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives include:

Rep. Josh Adjutant (Grafton-17)
Rep. Ryan Buchanan (Merrimack-15)
Rep. Sallie Fellows (Grafton-8)
Rep. Tim Smith (Hillsborough-17)
Rep. Catherine Sofikitis (Hillsborough-34)
Rep. Art Ellison (Merrimack-27)
Rep. Sherry Frost (Strafford-16)
Rep. Mark King (Hillsborough-33)
Rep. Fran Nutter-Upham (Hillsborough-33)
Rep. Ellen Read (Rockingham-17)
Rep. Dan Toomey (Hillsborough-32)
Rep. Cam Kenney (Strafford-6)
Rep. Renny Cushing (Rockingham-21)
Rep. Chris Balch (Hillsborough-38)
Rep. Wayne Moynihan (Coos-2)
Rep. Skip Cleaver (Hillsborough-35)
Rep. Jan Schmidt (Hillsborough-28)

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