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Sanders Campaign Press Release - Foreign Policy Experts Back Sanders

April 14, 2016

NEW YORK – Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign on Thursday released a letter signed by 20 foreign policy experts backing Sanders' judgment and questioning Secretary Hillary Clinton's record on some of the biggest foreign policy questions of the last 15 years.

"Senator Sanders' judgment is consistent with President Obama's warning against the 'Washington playbook' of the 'foreign policy establishment' that overemphasizes military responses and leads to bad decisions," the experts write. "Bernie Sanders is by far the most credible candidate to repair the economic and human foundations of American power."

Citing her support of President Bush's war in Iraq and her advocacy for intervention in Libya, the experts express concerns about Secretary Clinton's judgment. "We are deeply concerned that Secretary Clinton has not fully learned the lessons from her mistaken support for the invasion of Iraq: dictators can be toppled, but unintended and often disastrous consequences must be fully considered before deciding to act," the authors write.

To read the letter, click here.

Bernie Sanders, Sanders Campaign Press Release - Foreign Policy Experts Back Sanders Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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