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Sanders Campaign Press Release - Bernie Sanders Wins Endorsement from Rights & Democracy

November 17, 2019

Members of grassroots organization in New Hampshire and Vermont voted overwhelmingly for Bernie as their pick for president

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Rights & Democracy (RAD), a grassroots, membership-based organization in New Hampshire and Vermont, and an affiliate of the Center for Popular Democracy, has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President.

The working and low-income families that comprise RAD's membership voted overwhelmingly to endorse Bernie after a process that included a lengthy questionnaire and an in-person forum with the Senator. The announcement was released in front of hundreds of members at Rights & Democracy's annual Membership Assembly and People Power Summit Saturday.

"It is clear that the 2020 election is one that will test our democracy, our political resolve, and demand that we stand in support of human rights for everyone and a future for our planet," said RAD Board Co-Chair Alison Nihart at Saturday's event.

"The energy of his 2016 campaign revolutionized what's possible in our country and now, as we head into this historic election in 2020, we stand with Bernie to finish what began in 2016 and help elect Sen. Bernie Sanders as the next President of our United States."

"Bernie's vision of the need for a political revolution has inspired people to run and win seats at all levels of government," RAD Board Co-Chair Amy Hathaway added.

"This aligns with RAD's approach to electoral politics, which we call 'Movement Politics', because we know our work does not end after one election or one campaign–we know the path to bold transformation requires ongoing diligence and political action through people-powered movements. Bernie knows this and has lived this truth throughout his political career."

"We are honored to have received the endorsement of Rights & Democracy. RAD's vision of people-powered and people-centered politics is what Bernie has been fighting for his entire life. Together we will finish what we started and bring the political revolution to the White House," said Shannon Jackson, NH for Bernie State Director.

Bernie 2020 National Campaign Co-Chair, Senator Nina Turner, who delivered a keynote at the annual Member Assembly and People Power Summit said of the endorsement, "RAD understands that change only happens when working people come together to demand dignity. Whether in housing, the economy, environmental justice, or in healthcare, real change won't happen if we go home after election day. Fundamental change happens by coming together to redefine what is possible. Senator Sanders understands that. RAD understands that. Together, we will change this country."

Bernie Sanders, Sanders Campaign Press Release - Bernie Sanders Wins Endorsement from Rights & Democracy Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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