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Sanders Campaign Press Release - Bernie Backers Rally in Idaho, Utah and Arizona as Supporters Online Push Campaign Forward

March 18, 2016

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders drew more than 3,200 supporters to a rally at a high school gym here as he carried his campaign for the White House on Friday to rallies in Idaho, Utah and Arizona. The enthusiasm Sanders saw at Skyline High School in this Rocky Mountain city was matched by backers all over the United States who have donated more than $4 million online since Tuesday.

In the past three days alone the campaign received more than 150,000 contributions. Nearly 20 percent of the people who donated since Tuesday were first-time contributors. Donors, who on average gave $27, said they support Sanders because he cares about working families, not the top 1 percent.

"I've been disillusioned with the system for a long time now. Bernie has given me hope that someone still understands that public service doesn't involve lining the pockets of lobbyists, companies and themselves," wrote Philip, a supporter from Raleigh, North Carolina. "Bernie isn't corrupt like seemingly every other person in politics."

"I support Bernie because he's the only candidate telling the truth about how much the game is rigged. Too many people are suffering. Too many have had their right to vote taken away. We need someone to fight on behalf of the 99 percent instead of the 1 percent," Calvin from Oakland, California, wrote.

Supporters also expressed appreciation for Sanders' commitment to fighting America's corrupt political system and for continuing to reject super PAC money despite heavy outside spending by Wall Street-funded super PACs in support of his rival for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Priorities USA Action, the main super PAC backing Hillary Clinton, spent more than $5 million in February and March alone.

"I am ready for thing to be done differently. Allowing the super wealthy to buy our politicians and policies is un-American. This is a fight for the people by the people," Jason from Seattle, Washington, said.

Karen, an elementary school teacher from Tujunga, California, wrote, "I have seen my own quality of life diminished as the richer continue to get richer. I would like to elect a trustworthy president who will take on the super PACs and try to make this country a better place for all, especially my 4th grade students."

For much of Wednesday, #StillSanders was trending on Twitter across the country, with appeals from hundreds of thousands of supporters for Sanders to continue his political revolution to the White House.

Democrats in Idaho and neighboring Utah go to caucuses on Tuesday. That same day Arizona will hold a primary election. In addition to campaign stops in those states, Sanders also will carry his message of transforming American politics by taking on a rigged economy and corrupt political system to the state of Washington this weekend.

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Bernie Sanders, Sanders Campaign Press Release - Bernie Backers Rally in Idaho, Utah and Arizona as Supporters Online Push Campaign Forward Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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