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Sanders Campaign Press Release - Bernie 2020 Eclipses Trump's Individual Donations in Q2

July 03, 2019

Grassroots fundraising lead mirrored in two new polls released Wednesday showing Sanders closing the gap on Biden

WASHINGTON – The Bernie 2020 campaign eclipsed the Trump campaign's number of individual donations as Bernie Sanders continues to surge in national polls following the first debate.

"Defeating Donald Trump is the top priority for Democrats across America and only Bernie Sanders has the grassroots fundraising and proven record of fighting for economic and social justice to win the White House in 2020," said Bernie 2020 campaign manager Faiz Shakir. "There will be peaks and valleys in this primary, but we will not be riding the pollercoaster. We're going to continue our work building in the latter half of this year and bringing in new voters and donors who will help put Bernie over the top."

On Tuesday, Bernie 2020 announced nearly 1 million donations in the second quarter, surpassing the Trump campaign's number by over 250,000 donations. Trump's campaign has touted their 725,000 individuation donations online in the second quarter as integral to their campaign strategy. However, since announcing in the first quarter, Bernie Sanders has already received 1.9 million donations, eclipsing both Trump and every Democratic candidate in the primary field. Sanders' fundraising base has also shown room for significant growth, as 46% of the Q2 donors were giving for the first time and 99.9% of all donors are able to contribute again.

In addition to the strongest grassroots fundraising in the field, multiple national post-debate polls have shown Sanders continuing to lead Trump in general election match-ups and building on a strong position in the Democratic primary:

  • Washington Post/ABC (7/3): Sanders at 23%, just 6 points behind first and gaining 12 points in the two months since Biden launched his campaign. Sanders leads the field among voters under age 50, and has a diverse coalition, including 23% support from African American voters.
  • Reuters/IPSOS (7/3): Sanders at 16%, just 6 points behind first and building on IPSOS polls from April and May.
  • Morning Consult (6/30): Sanders in second place at 19% -- and following the debate, Sanders now has the highest favorable ratings of any Democratic candidate.

During both Democratic debates, Bernie Sanders' vision dominated the policy discussions. Recent polls this week show that Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All arguments are deeply effective with primary and general election voters:

  • CNN (7/1): With 26% support, this poll of Democratic and Democratic-leaning found "the candidate who is seen as the strongest on health care is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the candidate who unapologetically backs Medicare for All."
  • Morning Consult (7/2): Despite a well-funded campaign attacking Sanders' Medicare for All proposal, this poll shows "55% of voters back a Medicare for All system that diminishes the role of private insurers if they retain access to their preferred providers." That includes 78% of Democratic voters and 56% of independent voters.
  • Univision (7/1): Univision's national poll of Latino voters found Bernie Sanders with double digit leads as the top candidate to address the issues of health care and college affordability.

In addition to leading in grassroots fundraising and public opinion on policies, Sanders continues to lead Trump in head-to-head polling: 25 out of 26 polls since March find Bernie Sanders defeating Donald Trump in 2020.

Bernie Sanders, Sanders Campaign Press Release - Bernie 2020 Eclipses Trump's Individual Donations in Q2 Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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