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Rubio Campaign Press Release - This Is the New GOP: Students Pack Marco Rubio Rally in West Palm Beach

March 15, 2016

Marco Draws Young, Fired-Up Crowd in West Palm Beach


The day before Florida goes to vote, Marco stopped by a college in West Palm Beach to rally supporters — and students flocked to see him.

Students at Palm Beach Atlantic U lining up before Marco Rubio event

— Wayne Washington (@waynewashpbpost) March 14, 2016

Walked through the crowds here for Marco & 75% is under 35. NOTE: This is a college campus, but still impressive to see at GOP event

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) March 14, 2016

Marco Rubio rally's at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

— Matthew Apthorp (@Matthew_Apthorp) March 14, 2016

The big crowd was of a piece with the reception he's been getting recently:

Really impressive crowds for @marcorubio in South Florida

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) March 14, 2016

Marco laid out some criticisms of the current state of the election, and the perverse idea the front runner has about what leadership means:

A bit more of what he had to say, via the Miami Herald:

Rubio denounced the rhetoric on the campaign trail. Without naming Trump he said that we have a candidate that says at rallies "if someone heckles me and you punch them in face I will pay your legal fees. .... We have a candidate that uses profanity. We have never had a presidential candidate that has to be bleeped out. We have a candidate now leading the Republican primary that we have to explain to our children."

In a hit on Trump, Rubio said "The presidency is not a reality TV show. It's not the political version of Survivor."

A local TV station reported that Marco got a great reception from the crowd — and one attendee noted that no one risked injury at the rally.

Younger voters get it just as well as anyone: We need a real leader to solve the problems America faces, not a vulgar con artist.

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