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Rubio Campaign Press Release - Marco Rubio Lays Out How the President Should Be Responding to Terror Attacks at Home

December 07, 2015


Marco appeared on CNN's State of the Union and outlined how the President should respond to the latest terrorist attacks.

For example, our intelligence gathering capabilities have been significantly diminished just in the last four, five days. For example, yesterday we learned through the Associated Press that the phone records of these two individuals that carried out this attack in California, we only have access to the last two years. It doesn't give us a complete picture of, for example, the US citizens' involvement from the last five years.

So I hope that the president will work with us to reverse that so the intelligence agencies have access to a full picture. He has also issued a series of presidential directives that have weakened our ability to gather intelligence against potential adversaries. So I hope that will be changed as well . . . .

Then when it comes to ISIS around the world: they are a growing threat in multiple countries. They are beginning to pop up in Yemen. They are growing their influence in Afghanistan. They now have a very significant influence in Libya as I have pointed out for months. And of course Iraq and Syria. By the way, I think Jordan is very concerned about attacks within Jordan that are potentially imminent at any moment. We have a growing crisis here on our hands in the Middle East with ISIS.

So I think it is important that the president begins to outline how they are going to be defeated. Airstrikes alone are not going to do it. Certainly not the limited airstrikes that are happening now. Apart from airstrikes, there must be a ground force put together to confront them. And it must be a ground force made up primarily of Sunni Arabs from the region, including Iraqis and Syrians, but also a contribution of troops from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE has already expressed some willingness to provide ground troops to such an effort. This is a radical Sunni group, they need to be defeated by Sunnis themselves on the ground.

Marco has consistently called for restoration of vital intelligence capabilities, and has laid out a clear plan to defeat ISIS.

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Marco Rubio, Rubio Campaign Press Release - Marco Rubio Lays Out How the President Should Be Responding to Terror Attacks at Home Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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