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Rubio Campaign Press Release - Impressive List of North Carolina Women Backing Marco Rubio for President

March 14, 2016

Team Marco Announces Susan Tillis to Chair North Carolina Women For Marco


March 14, 2016

Today, Team Marco is proud to announce its North Carolina Women for Marco supporters. Leading the group is Susan Tillis, a Charlotte-area community leader and wife to Senator Thom Tillis.

Tillis said Marco's efforts to expand the American dream drove her decision:

Marco Rubio represents a better future for all North Carolinians rooted in his commitment to our shared values. We can trust Marco to keep this country safe and take care of our service members and veterans. He will expand the American Dream for all Americans, from an expanded child tax credit to innovative higher education reforms. I look forward to casting my ballot for Marco Rubio on Election Day.

North Carolina, remember to vote for Marco on March 15th! Here's the full list of women joining Team Marco:

North Carolina Women for Marco Supporters:
Noelle Banser, Mecklenburg County
Nancy Bass, Mecklenburg County
Shea Bradford, Mecklenburg County
Andrea Brock, Davie County
Brenda Brown, Mecklenburg County
Liz Capitano, Mecklenburg County
Anne Clifford, Mecklenburg County
Carmen Cox Ledford, Lee County
Mary DeMilia, Franklin County
Pamela Lynn Dismukes, New Hanover County
Elliana Fetsko, Brunswick County
Janet Griffin, Lincoln County
Haley Hayes, Lincoln County
Teri Hart-Ainsworth, Wake County
Alison Harvey, Iredell County
Lissette Kron, Mecklenburg County
Carolyn Johnson, Iredell County
Randie Long, Mecklenburg County
Betsy McCorkle, Orange County
Lisa Miller, Stanly County
Ruth Motley, Cabarrus County
Kami Mueller, Wake County
Stephanie Mullen, Lincoln County
Stacy Phillips, Mecklenburg County
Beth Saine, Lincoln County
Kathryn Saine, Lincoln County
Savannah Smith, Mecklenburg County
Linda Sobieski, Wake County
Susan Spalding, Mecklenburg County
Katherine Stefan, Union County
Kelly Tain, Mecklenburg County
Melisa Taylor, Mecklenburg County

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