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Rubio Campaign Press Release - How Marco Rubio Utterly Dominated the Third GOP Debate

October 29, 2015


Marco stole the show at the third GOP debate. The moderators and even another candidate came to the debate ready to attack Marco, but Marco turned the tables and, on question after question, knocked their ridiculous attacks out of the park.

Here he was, for instance, under fire from his opponents and the media:

But don't take our word for it that Marco dominated the night — that was what everyone thought.

He was called the "clear consensus winner":

The Weekly Standard's Steve Hayes said he thought Marco had "a great night" with "an answer to every question he was asked":

Fox News' Bret Baier said Marco had "a great night":

The headlines called it for Marco, too.



Washington Post:




The Weekly Standard:


The New York Times:


Marco shined by showing substance, command of the issues and his own policy plans, and taking the fight to the real enemy — Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

A representative moment: Marco seized the moment at one point to highlight how ridiculous it is that the media has taken little notice of the sheer deception Hillary Clinton put on display last week at the Benghazi hearings.

Here's just how well it went over with a group of potential Republican voters:

That wasn't all of it, of course — Marco had plenty of other highlights in the debate. Watch them all right here:

And it wasn't just that the reactions were overwhelmingly positive — we also saw that Americans who don't know much about him are also desperate to learn more.

Marco drew more Google searches than any other candidate during the debate, Google's stats team says, and spiked way higher than anyone in the field did at any point (click to expand the chart):



Get excited for the next Republican debate — just two weeks away, November 10 on Fox Business!

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