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Rubio Campaign Press Release - Hobby Lobby Founder Backs Marco Rubio for President

February 28, 2016


David Green, founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, has made his pick for President.

Green has rarely made public comments on politics, but he issued the following statement:

Our family business that we began with $600 has quite possibly been more successful than Mr. Trump's, but that doesn't make either of us qualified to be president. And unlike Mr. Trump, we give all the credit to God.

Marco Rubio has impressed us with his preparation and the way he carries himself. But most importantly, Marco regularly exhibits humility and gives the glory to God. Humility is what brings success. I don't see humility in Mr. Trump, and that scares me to death. I want a president that my kids, my grandkids and my great-grandkids can emulate. In Marco Rubio, I see a man who has achieved great things from humble beginnings, but gives the glory to God, where it belongs. I see a man who is prepared to be president, and someone I would be proud for my children to emulate. I will be voting for Marco Rubio on Tuesday and I encourage my fellow Oklahomans to do the same.

Hobby Lobby, headquartered in Oklahoma City, started in 1972 and now operates over 600 arts and craft stores. The company is privately held by the Green family.

Hobby Lobby is noted for its high wages and its Christian values. It is closed on Sundays and states on its web site: "We believe that it is by God's grace and provision that Hobby Lobby has endured. God has been faithful in the past, and we trust Him for our future."

Marco has consistently stood in strong support of religious liberty, and is honored to have David Green's endorsement.

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