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Rubio Campaign Press Release - He Stopped an Obamacare Bailout, and Conservatives Are Taking Notice

December 01, 2015


Across the country, a lot of folks are taking notice of Marco's successful efforts to prevent a bailout of Obamacare.

Unlike the candidates who are all talk, @MarcoRubio has actually took meaningful action to help kill ObamaCare.

— Eli Rubenstein (@EliRubenstein) November 25, 2015

Thanks to Marco Rubio, #Obamacare may be in its final death spiral

— OpportunityLives (@OppLives) November 30, 2015

The New Hampshire Union Leader praised Marco's work on the issue:

Two years ago, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio pushed a provision eliminating risk corridors, thus blocking any bailouts of insurance companies under Obamacare.

Rubio estimates that this provision has already saved America's taxpayers $2.5 billion. Without Rubio's provision, taxpayers would have been forced to underwrite insurance company losses, propping up the decaying carcass of ObamaCare.

Democrats are now pushing to bring back risk corridors. Republicans should decline, and let the floundering health care law die in peace.

Two years ago, Marco started taking steps to make sure that taxpayers won't be on the hook as Obamacare collapses.

Rubio budget win is dealing heavy blow to ObamaCare:

— The Hill (@thehill) November 30, 2015

Thank you SEN. MARCO RUBIO for authoring a bill to BLOCK ObamaCare and SAVING the AMERICAN taxpayer $2,500,000,000.

— dtpilot (@dtpilot) November 27, 2015

The American Thinker praised Marco for having the foresight to see the potential bailouts coming.

Once Republicans took over Congress Rubio's bill passed into law. There would be no bailouts of health insurers. There would be no bailouts for health insurers. Rubio predicted the problems years before others (as he has with all the foreign policy crises) and figured out a way to deal with them. He laid out his plans in his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal years ago.

Conservative blogger Ed Morrissey of Hot Air added:

But Rubio should get credit, at the very least, for pushing a common-sense and utterly necessary firewall to protect taxpayers from a massive and perpetual health-insurance bailout.

Obamacare is a disaster.

Marco had a plan to prevent a bailout of that disaster years ago, and has a plan to repeal and replace the law as President.

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