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Rubio Campaign Press Release - Check Out These County Leaders for Marco In Northeast Iowa

January 09, 2016

Senator Marco Rubio delivers brief remarks and participates in Q&A during a Clinton Town Hall at Rastrelli's Restaurant in Clinton, Iowa, on Tuesday, December 29, 2015, for Marco Rubio for President. Also shown is South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy. Photo by Shealah Craighead

January 9, 2016

This morning, the Marco Rubio for President campaign announced the county leaders in Northeast Iowa helping Marco share his optimistic message with caucus-goers.

As Marco is competing in all of Iowa's 99 counties, today's announcement continues to build on months of momentum. Leaders in the Northeast part of the state are going to play an important role in Marco's success on caucus night.

"Marco Rubio grew up from humble means to achieve the American dream and his plan for the economy would allow more Iowans than ever before to do the same," said Kathleen Bean of Linn County. "His inspirational message is rallying Northeast Iowa to his candidacy, and I am excited to be part of this campaign to begin a new American Century."

"I'm proud to endorse Marco Rubio for president because we need a leader in the White House who understands the threats America faces around the globe," said Lowell Engle of Allamakee County. "Marco Rubio will not close Guantanamo; he will send terrorists on a one-way trip there. Marco will also tear up President Obama's disastrous Iran deal and ensure there are consequences for threatening the security of the United States."

"It is critical for Northeast Iowa Republicans to support a consistent advocate of agriculture like Marco Rubio," said Zach Boss of Buchanan County. "He knows Washington is broken and the old way of doing things does not work anymore. Marco will help Iowa thrive in the 21st century economy by stopping the EPA's overregulation of our farms and returning power to our citizens."

Marco's Northeast Iowa County Leadership: 

Lowell Engle, Allamakee
Michael Riege, Benton
Bev Riege, Benton
Malcolm Mitch, Benton
Bradley Strouse, Black Hawk
Marv Dillavou, Black Hawk
Benjamin Arnold, Black Hawk
Richard Broadie, Black Hawk
Collin Brecher, Black Hawk
Spenser Huffman, Black Hawk
Peter Hohnstein, Black Hawk
Deb Schark, Black Hawk
Karissa Fullerton, Black Hawk
Bill Davidson, Black Hawk
Rita Kehoe, Black Hawk
Justin Kehoe, Black Hawk
Carolyn Eggers, Bremer
Colleen Alexander, Bremer
Zachary Schulz, Bremer
Terri Cotter, Bremer
Zach Boss, Buchanan
John Voss, Butler
Kathleen Rahlf, Chickasaw
Dennis Litterer, Chickasaw
David Kalkwarf, Clayton
State Senator Dan Zumbach, Delaware
Karen Wulfekuhle, Delaware
David Kelley, Dubuque
Joan Lentz, Dubuque
David Cox, Dubuque
Matthew Giese, Dubuque
Gerald Flores, Dubuque
Timothy Marcus, Dubuque
Alexis Buhr, Fayette
Yvonne Cheryl Schuster, Floyd
Erwin H. Johnson, Floyd
Genevieve Peterson, Howard
Neil Shaffer, Howard
Monica McHugh, Jacksn
Danielle Brazant, Jones
Roger Allen, Linn
Sydney Speltz, Linn
Brenda Hart, Linn
Kathleen Bean, Linn
Barbara Knight, Linn
Renee Scheuerlein, Linn
Robert Frederick, Linn
Wesley Kephart, Linn
Jeannette Vonvoltenburgh, Linn
Sue Frederick, Linn
Josh Donkle, Linn
Kevin Slaman, Linn
Jill Hagerman, Linn
Jayden Bisson, Linn
Gary Stejskal, Linn
Avis Hanson, Mitchell
Tyler Mikesh, Winneshiek

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