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Ron Paul Campaign Press Release - Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll Auction

June 23, 2011

Takes Top Location at Iowa Straw Poll in Ames

ANKENY, Iowa — On Thursday the presidential campaign of 12-term Republican Congressman Ron Paul claimed the top spot at the Straw Poll auction held by the Republican Party of Iowa. Paul's campaign placed the highest bid at an auction of real estate for this August's straw poll. The spot is the same location held by the Mitt Romney campaign at the straw poll in 2007.

"The Ron Paul campaign is making a full push to be competitive all across Iowa," said Paul 2012 Iowa Campaign Chairman Drew Ivers. "Our campaign believes this includes the Iowa Straw Poll and we are delighted to place the winning bid for the best spot at the event."

The Republican Party of Iowa releases plots of land to campaigns based on an auction held at the party's headquarters. Each campaign is permitted to bid on any spot they wish, with the minimum bid set at $15,000 and increasing from there. Ron Paul emerged the victor at the auction by placing the highest bid for what is widely accepted as the best spot at the event.

"Ron Paul is exactly the statesman we need at this time of financial crisis," continued Ivers. "We need a proven conservative leader who is right on the economy and can get our nation back on the right track. We look forward to making that message known at the Iowa Straw Poll in August."

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