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Romney Campaign Press Release - Wrong Again: Obama's Biggest Failure Is The Economy

September 28, 2012

"In recent weeks, President Obama can't seem to settle on his greatest failure in office — he's claimed it's the tone in Washington, immigration reform, and even his storytelling skills. But it's clear the President's greatest failure — by far — is his inability to fix our economy. With 23 million Americans struggling for work and anemic economic growth, the middle class simply can't afford four more years like the last four years. Mitt Romney will deliver a real recovery with 12 million new jobs, robust economic growth, and a stronger middle class." — Ryan Williams, Romney Campaign Spokesman

This Week, President Obama Twice Claimed His Biggest Failure In Office Has Been Not Changing The Tone In Washington:

President Obama, In An Interview With The Cleveland Plain Dealer: "I Haven't Been Able To Transform The Tone In Washington As Much As I'd Like." "When asked to name his greatest disappointment, Obama acknowledged a promise unfulfilled. 'I haven't been able to transform the tone in Washington as much as I'd like,' he said." (Henry Gomez, "Obama Warns Against Embarrassing China On Trade Complaints: Plain Dealer Interview," The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/27/12)

President Obama, Earlier This Week: "My Biggest Disappointment Is That We Haven't Changed The Tone In Washington As Much As I Would Have Liked." OBAMA: "And-- you know, if you ask me—what's my biggest disappointment is that we haven't changed the tone in Washington as much as I would have liked." (CBS's "60 Minutes," 9/23/12)

But President Obama Has Also Claimed His Biggest Failures Were Failing On Immigration Reform And Telling A Bad Story:

President Obama, Last Week To Univision: "My Biggest Failure So Far Is We Haven't Gotten Comprehensive Immigration Reform Done." UNIVISION's JORGE RAMOS: "What is your biggest failure?" OBAMA: "Well, Jorge as you remind me, my biggest failure so far is we haven't gotten comprehensive immigration reform done, so we're going to be continuing to work on that. But it's not for lack of trying or desire." (President Barack Obama, Univision Town Hall, Miami, FL, 9/20/12)

President Obama, On His Biggest Mistake In July: "Thinking That This Job Was Just About Getting The Policy Right ... The Nature Of This Office Is Also To Tell A Story To The American People..." " 'The mistake of my first term — couple of years — was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right,' Obama told CBS News' Charlie Rose. 'And that's important, but, you know, the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times.'" (Mary Bruce, "Obama's Mistake: Not Telling The 'Story' Better To The American People," ABC News, 7/12/12)

  • President Obama: "In My First Two Years, I Think The Notion Was, 'Well, He's Been Juggling And Managing A Lot Of Stuff, But Where's The Story That Tells Us Where He's Going?'" "Mr. Obama acknowledged the dissonance between others' perception of his strength as an expert orator, and his own. 'It's funny - when I ran, everybody said, well he can give a good speech but can he actually manage the job?' he said. 'And in my first two years, I think the notion was, 'Well, he's been juggling and managing a lot of stuff, but where's the story that tells us where he's going?' And I think that was a legitimate criticism.'" (Lindsey Boerma, "Obama Reflects On His Biggest Mistake As President," CBS, 7/12/12)

What Has President Obama Overlooked As His Biggest Mistake? He's Failed To Jumpstart The Economy And Left Millions Of Americans Struggling For Work:

More Than Twenty-Three Million Americans Are Unemployed, Underemployed, Or Have Stopped Looking For Work. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, 9/10/12)

Second Quarter GDP Growth Was Slashed From Earlier Estimates To A Dismal 1.3%. "The government cut its calculation of U.S. growth in the second quarter to 1.3% from 1.7% in its third and final review, citing less consumer spending and business investment than previously estimated." ("Second-Quarter U.S. GDP Revised Down To 1.3%," MarketWatch, 9/27/12)

In August, The Unemployment Rate Either Increased Or Was Unchanged In 38 States. "The Labor Department says rates increased in 26 states. They fell in 12 states and were unchanged in the other 12." (Christopher S. Rugaber, "Unemployment Rates Rise In Half Of US States," The Associated Press, 9/21/12)

"The Income Of The Typical U.S. Family Fell Or Was Flat In Almost Every State Last Year." "The income of the typical U.S. family fell or was flat in almost every state last year, with the drop particularly steep in places where the economy has been hit hard by the housing bust." (Josh Mitchell, "Incomes Fell Or Stagnated In Most States Last Year," The Wall Street Journal, 9/20/12)

"The Gap Between Rich And Poor Americans Grew In 2011 As The Poverty Rate Remained At Almost A Two-Decade High." "The gap between rich and poor Americans grew in 2011 as the poverty rate remained at almost a two-decade high. The U.S. Census Bureau released figures today that showed household income fell, underscoring a sputtering economic recovery that's at the heart of the presidential campaign." (Catherine Dodge and Frank Bass, "Rich-Poor Gap Widens To Most Since 1967 As Income Falls," Bloomberg, 9/12/12)

Americans Are Struggling With "A Shrinking Middle Class." "The findings highlight concerns about a shrinking middle class and pose another obstacle to getting the economy back on track, said Annette Bernhardt, policy co-director at the National Employment Law Project, which conducted the study." (Jim Puzzanghera, "Majority Of New Jobs In Recovery Are Low-Paying, Study Finds," Los Angeles Times, 8/31/12)

"New Orders For Long-Lasting U.S. Manufactured Goods In August Fell By The Most In 3-1/2 Years..." "New orders for long-lasting U.S. manufactured goods in August fell by the most in 3-1/2 years, pointing to a sharp slowdown in factory activity even as a gauge of planned business spending rebounded." ("US Durable Goods Orders Drop Worst Since Recession," Reuters, 9/27/12)

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