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Romney Campaign Press Release - What They're Saying: "The Persistently High Unemployment Rate"

November 02, 2012

"Signs Of The Economy's Ongoing Weakness" ... "Tepid Growth" ... "Jobs Market Has A Long Way To Go"

Reuters: "Persistently High Unemployment Rate..." "The persistently high unemployment rate makes it unlikely the Federal Reserve will lose its resolve to keep easy money policies in place until the economy shows more vigor." (Reuters, 11/2/12)

The Associated Press: "Still, President Barack Obama Will Face Voters With The Highest Unemployment Rate Of Any Incumbent Since Franklin Roosevelt." (The Associated Press, 11/2/12)

CNN: "The Unemployment Rate Rose To 7.9% In October, From 7.8% In The Prior Month, According To The Government's Latest Jobs Report." (CNN, 11/2/12)

ABC News: "The U.S. Unemployment Rate Ticked Up To 7.9 Percent." "In the final monthly jobs report before Election Day, the government today said that the U.S. unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9 percent." (ABC News, 11/2/12)

CNBC: "Also, The Average Duration Of Unemployment Climbed To A 2012 High Of 40.2 Weeks." (CNBC, 11/2/12)

The Washington Post: "The Rate Of Job Creation Remains Well Below Its Level At The Start Of 2012 ... It Will Take Years To Bring Unemployment Down To More Normal Levels." "All that said, the rate of job creation remains well below its level at the start of 2012, and even at the rate employers are now adding jobs, it will take years to bring unemployment down to more normal levels." (The Washington Post, 11/2/12)

Los Angeles Times: "Economic Growth Remains Slow..." "Still, economic growth remains slow, and prospects for future hiring are threatened by troubles overseas and the looming domestic tax increases and fiscal spending cuts." (Los Angeles Times, 11/2/12)

The New York Times: "A Queue Of About 12 Million Unemployed People Remain Waiting For Work, About Two Out Of Five Of Whom Have Been Out Of A Job For More Than Six Months." (The New York Times, 11/2/12)

Bloomberg: "Average Hourly Earnings Fell..." "Average hourly earnings fell to $23.58 from $23.59 in the prior month, today's report showed." (Bloomberg, 11/2/12)

The Associated Press: "There Were Also Signs Of The Economy's Ongoing Weakness." "But there were also signs of the economy's ongoing weakness. Average hourly pay dipped a penny to $23.58. And the number of unemployed increased 170,000 to 12.3 million." (Christopher Rugaber, "US Economy Adds 171K Jobs, Rate Rises To 7.9 Pct," The Associated Press, 11/2/12)

CNBC: The Unemployment Report Was "Representative Of Tepid Growth That Is Doing Little To Generate Escape Velocity For The Slow-Moving Economy." (CNBC, 11/2/12)

AEI's James Pethokoukis: "10.6%: Unemployment Rate If Labor Force Participation Rate Was The Same As When Obama Took Office" (James Pethokoukis Twitter Feed, 11/2/12)

The Wall Street Journal's Michael Derby: "Putting It Another Way, The Jobs Market Has A Long Way To Go." (The Wall Street Journal, 11/2/12)

Fox News' Stuart Varney: "You've Got A Rising Unemployment Rate ... It Is The Slowest Recovery Of Any Since, Any Major Recession Since The Second World War." VARNEY: "You've got a rising unemployment rate, 7.8 to 7.9, a very high real unemployment rate of 14.6%, very low job creation rate compared to what we need to get the unemployment rate down significantly. It is the slowest recovery of any since, any major recession since the Second World War." (Fox News' "Fox And Friends," 11/2/12)

The Washington Post's Ezra Klein: "There Are Still 5 Million Long-Term Unemployed, Who Have Been Out Of Work For Half A Year. That Number Hasn't Budged." "For those who prefer gloomy news, there's still plenty of that in the jobs report: There are still 5 million long-term unemployed, who have been out of work for half a year. That number hasn't budged." (The Washington Post, 11/2/12)

CNN's Christine Romans: "There's a Structural Problem There That Many People Have Said The Recession And Recovery Since The Recession Have Only Made Worse." (CNN's "Starting Point," 11/2/12)

CNN's Erin Burnett: "Long-Term Unemployed, Though, Little Changed. And I Think That's Important..." BURNETT: "Long-term unemployed, though, little changed. And I think that's important, these are people who have not had a job for 27 weeks or more. You're not really seeing a change there yet." (CNN's "Starting Point," 11/2/12)

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